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July 8, 2020


tonight the moon sprinkles its blood on my eyes 
and calls me blessed
and I stand dripping with maroon concoction
beneath the dancing stars
and what can I say
perhaps I think the moon is wrong because
I see long shadows lurking
in the darkness of this lasting night
and they stare up at me just as the moon stares down
and is that their cackling I hear in this nonexistent space?
I must choose now between dark and light
between life and death
the fall from here is great
and the climb is even greater
I don’t know perhaps I can make it?
the moon smiles and tells me I have no choice
the options are
climb this rope ladder into the constellations
or fall
I tell the moon she doesn’t rule me
but she disagrees
says “the night owns you”
and perhaps I struggle against her grip but to what avail?
she owns me all the same
words dribbling with golden honey
forged by her handsome brother the sun
but tonight the sun hides his face and
even the moon still holds her silver beauty
here is the night and the day at war
she raises her sword and calls upon the stars to assist her
the night she says will rival her brother’s day
and what can he do to stop her?
I stand speechless
there is no help for me and no hands to pull me up
into the midnight sanctuary at the top of this ladder
and as I reach a middle rung my hands slip
and fall
but what is this?
the moon turns her face away from
the burning earth beneath her
and laughs to see me dangling from the rung
she sweeps her blade beneath my fingers
and throws back her eyes gazing into the sorry skies
but gold fingers grip mine and the sun hoists me up
into the sanctuary
the choice is yours moon stand now alone or fall


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1 Comment
  • Anlee

    "I stand dripping with maroon concoction beneath the dancing stars"
    beautiful poem <3

    8 months ago