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my november

July 8, 2020



the sky is cloudy in summer
imparting the memory of a november storm
into my body again and again
gentle raindrops swallowed by my hair
roll down my cheeks 
and i wonder if i feel now how you felt
when droplets sprung from your eyes
and dark bellows of thunder roared
you went hoarse
the girl in front of you stared
but she never got wet

i suppose she drowned in the end after all
when she went to venus
intending to abandon her heart 
in the planet’s boiling atmosphere
and send its ashes falling through space
so that empathy
could be just another blur on the road
scenery that eternally passed her by
instead, the heat was so strong
the girl exploded entirely
like a glass bottle 
hurled against the wall
eventually, left weeping
as shards of regret pierced her brutally
permanently engraving that november 
into her bloodstream

the sky is cloudy in summer
evaporating slowly
are those dreary hues of grey 
as the sun nestles itself amongst them
and the coming of the night 
brings forth a vivid strip of purple
against the horizon
silencing the rain completely
as i watch the day fade away into darkness
i remember that girl once more
who would rather run away
than to apologize 
i turn back inside 

i sincerely hope that she’s dead.



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  • acrosstheuniverse28

    Your imagery and word choice are absolutely stunning in this piece! Beautiful writing!

    4 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    whoa, this is good. i love your use of imagery in this poem and the build up to the last line was absolutely breathtaking. <3 welcome to wtw! tips and tricks (guide to wtw) by our queen dmoral13 if you're interested ;)

    5 months ago