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Teehee I'm still mad so I wrote more word vomit. I hope my anger is easily read! Because it's there!

While you're here, read this piece about Covid-19 made by my friend:

When the world burns, what will remain?

July 9, 2020



Your apologies and empathy mean nothing to me. My forgiveness expired after I realized that the average man looks out for himself and no one else. You are no different.

I am the broken man down the street who watches the world burn through glassy eyes. I've seen the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and their claws dig deep into every corner of this nation. I watch as your pitiful eyes glance on me for that split second, but all my hopes that you will be different were lost on the dozen other men and women who passed me by without flinching. Famine whispers to me for every loose coin dropped into my tin, and I wish that the kindness I'd seen in nations whose situations were leagues below the privilege you have - I wish it'd taken hold here.

Kindness feeds the hungry. You see the suffering of the citizens you share this country with and blind yourself of the responsibility, and you let them starve. Rather than blame the system, you blame the starving, the freezing, and frostbitten on the street, spittle flying from your lips as you tear a homeless young woman to pieces for worthless existence. 

You think the hands of the Lord bless your future, but even He would kneel to the poor and help them because He knew what suffering tasted like, and it did not fill the stomachs of the crying children whose skeletons peeked through their thin skin. He knew that the rich profited off of the poor, and so He helped those who were not so lucky - those who were not so privileged.

You are a glutton to the world, a bird whose wings take them wherever they please, full of phrases like "the early bird gets the worm," but there are those who are not lucky enough to wake up before those who are well-rested. Their minds weigh them down, and your neurotypical self is weightless and deaf to the screams of our disabled brothers and sisters. We have bodies we wished were different - minds that think in ways that hurt us, and you stand there, without a boulder chained to your hands and legs, and you tell us to get up.

We have limbs made of lead while you're built from graphite. 

We drown in insults and vulgarities, while you swim in clean, filtered waters. We kiss the ground while your pastor kisses your forehead because a man of the church does not hold his foot on your head when you try to get up. We say "yes, sir," and "no, sir," with our "please"s and "thank you"s, and somehow you get by without a single ounce of respect when addressing those of higher standing than you. When we try to do the same, those ma'am's and sir's give us a look that sounds like fifty lashes on our ancestors who forgot that respect once, so their masters whipped them silly. 

You drink your privilege with every sip of your filtered water, with every bite of your seasoned, disease-free food. You breathe your privilege when you refuse to wear a mask because it infringes on your rights when really, you're infringing on the lives of the immunocompromised.

I speak for the thousands without voices, and we are tired of trying to scream over you who refuses to listen. Just shut your damn mouth and let us talk for once.
Answer: The ashes and cinders of a nation who once wore a mask of false prosperity.


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  • July 9, 2020 - 3:02pm (Now Viewing)

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  • N.

    "We have limbs made of lead while you're built from graphite. " absolutely SLAPS, it's a beautiful line and metaphor. your anger isn't rambling; it's tight, it's defined, it's powerful and crackling with emotion.

    5 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    god, i love the pure righteous anger woven through this piece. how should i say this... it's absolutely delicious. the comparisons you make...your tone.... it's simply magnificent and that last line? heck yes.

    5 months ago
  • poetri

    I absolutely adore you. "You drink your privilege with every sip of your filtered water, with every bite of your seasoned, disease-free food" made me feel and the look at myself and sigh, because darling, everything you write is so. true.

    5 months ago