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Starry Starry Night

By: Bluebell Ladytwoshoes

PROMPT: Countdown

Stuart gazed up into the sky and counted the stars.
If only he could share this night with someone.
"It is indeed a beautiful night," Kendal said.
So, she was here too, Stuart thought.
"It's relative, I guess," he replied.
"Let me join you, Stuart."
Kendal had said that.
Stuart nodded, smiling.
She sat.

Peer Review

love? happiness, hope and the enjoying something beautiful with someone you love...

I think the hardest pat of this prompt is to pull along the right twines to spin the perfect tale and if that is brought about by the author, it is indeed , quite impressive. here, I also love how you've brought some very aesthetic characters like the starry night and a girl into play, it makes the story very comprehensive for the readers.

the lines, "it's relative, I guess", said by the protagonist paints a picture filled with vibrant colors. The reader is made to imagine a sort of smirk when the character says the lines and then he is all playful and cheeky and even though we know that the story is ending in the next line we are left to ponder over what might have happened and that keeps us on our toes.

Reviewer Comments

I think it's great that you chose such a cliched story line to rite upon because a) it makes it easier to stick to the guidelines of the prompt, almost everything can be left to the reader to comprehend and b) you get to paint a beautiful and vivid picture in every readers mind, it gives a sort of blissful satisfaction for the reader because he gets exactly what you're trying to say! so, great job!