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i'd like to thank everybody for their reviews and kind messages! i'm very lucky to have found such a wonderful community of young writers. cheers to all of you <3

memories from an easier time

July 8, 2020


    The harmonies ran themselves through my head as I tapped my nails against the desk. I liked biology class, in fact it was one of my favorite parts of the day. That being said, everything coming out of Mrs. Beck’s mouth was sounding like gibberish, and her pitch reminded me of the thumb position section of my solo that I had been failing miserably at. My thoughts quickly transitioned from the electron transport chain to the trials and tribulations of Haydn’s cello concerto. Before I knew it, I had lulled myself to sleep, dreaming of the mitochondria in the key of C major.
    Walking back into the locker room, I was exhausted from the workout and feeling gelatinous below the waist. Track practice in the dead of winter was no joke, and having to transition from outside to the hallways definitely made an impact on my fragile shins. Nevertheless, I brought in some solid times today, and with a big meet coming up on Saturday, I couldn’t complain too much without fearing some sort of revenge from Fate. My teammates filed in, complaining of pain and the fact that their clothes were wet, but I could hardly hear them. The heat from the radiators felt like a hug from the inside, and I collapsed onto the bench, content to rest for five minutes before having to hustle back out into the freezing rain.
    For once in my life, I was energetic at seven in the morning. Having spent the entire night before making “s’mores on a stick” for the Latin club, it was possible that I was riding a sugar high or experiencing a hyper realistic hallucination. Whatever it was, I walked with a renewed bounciness down the hallways to my first period class. I hoped it would last until later that night, when the bonfire was set to begin. I waved to my friends, delighted to see them decked out in our school colors, apparently feeling as excited as I was. Some of us are known to call high school “the four years of hell,” but we managed to muster up all of our spirit for homecoming week.
While my summer has been going swimmingly on a personal scale, the world is in such a heavy place at the moment that I can't help but miss my days in school, when my biggest concerns were science test and homecoming festivities. This is my ode to that feeling, if you will.


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  • outoftheblue

    this was such a compellingly written vignette!

    5 months ago
  • Aussieinthehouse123

    This was really great, I’m excited to see what else you write

    5 months ago
  • sophiethesinger

    This was so beautifully written and relatable!

    5 months ago