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I would love to get any ideas and or advice on how I can make this better. I really want to make my Oma proud.

One Last Time Together

July 7, 2020

Dear Oma,

Why did you have to go? 
I know you where old.
And I know you had quite a life. 
I know you where strong, but why do I have to speak in past tense now?

Why did you have to go?
You where Jewish.
You lives through World War Two.

You where abandoned as a child. You lived alone for the first twenty years of your life.
So why did you have to leave me alone?

You lived till one hundred and ten. I thought you were immortal. You weren’t.

You left me and guess what, I am so, so mad. You left me and I hate that, but I love the way you smiled, I loved when you sweared in Dutch and in English, but most of all I loved your chocolate drawer, don’t worry I didn’t steal your chocolate. I just loved that you had one.

Oma I love you, you are special, you are remembered, and you are no longer lived in past tense. 

This is all true. My great grandma oma, grew up in Germany, and was Jewish, she met the love of her life in World War Two, and survived it, she lived till the age of 110, and beat cancer six times, but the seventh was the last time one. Pls give me any notes cause I would love to hear them. Thanks!

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