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There are stories that will spill out of every pore, there are ones you have to yank out of yourself to unclog the path. All that matters is your pen should never stop moving, even when you stop writing.

again, your no-no square is a non-existent rectangle

July 8, 2020

Dear (no-yes or no polygon) A, 

You're literally standing next to me right now trying to get my brother to switch rooms with you in Ma's house. We've spent countless school holidays like this, and I've defended you, teased you endlessly, and watched you eat your dinner until it's spread out all around you. But if I'm perfectly honest with myself, I hardly know you, and you hardly know me. 

This is one of the many things COVID has made me realize. Do you know when, why I started writing? You don't. You probably assume I've always written or something. If I had to pick a starting point, it'd be eighth grade English. The grade you're hurtling towards, one of the happiest years at school I can recall. I wrote my first short story. Quite dark to be honest, but to this day I am ever so proud of it. I'll show you sometime, if you're interested. Freshman year I had a terribly hard teacher, and I gave up any faith I had in my writing abilities. Sophomore year, my one word for my 2020 New Year's Resolution project was "realize". I wanted to discover myself, realize what I wanted to do in life. Then, I hope to start living it, realizing my dreams. I started applying to every application I saw, pouncing on every opportunity. I know you probably think I'm a goody-goody two shoes, best student ever, but high school is a struggle. I know I joke about it sometimes (ok, a lot), but I hope you realize your passions sooner than I have mine. 

Anyway, I got a bit off track. During the ample time I've had staring at my phone on my bed waiting for it to buzz with a message with someone, anyone, from the outside world, I've had my fair share of time thinking about you and your brother. I know you as the drama queen (*cough cough*, I mean king) who loves his airplanes and your brother as the cool sporty dude with the cartoon voice. In my mind's eye, I am still ten years old tickling your brother to death and teasing you about some girl I've never even met. But staring at that black screen at my unanswered messages, I could barely even imagine what you were doing at the moment. Playing on electronics? Likely. Cooking some gourmet fried chicken? Possibly. I wouldn't even know you could cook until I saw the pictures. And then last year. You know what I'm talking about. But we won't talk about it because we don't talk about it because it would ruin everything about how we know each other. I could hardly connect that you to the you I know. But we've all changed, and I can hardly hold that against you. We are all more than the smiles we wear (no, you don't smile more than I do, and you don't smile in your sleep).

On a brighter note, this is where I feel like I can let go of every worry I might have. We play until we drop, we are ten years old again. We argue about music, how stupid your no-no square is (even your brother thinks so), and imitate Italian accents as we talk about pizza (my mistake, meatballs ;). We talk about all the worst teachers, the random drama at school, and how bad my flossing is. And no, I'm not getting a boyfriend anytime soon. And even if I did, I wouldn't tell you at least for the first few months. Unless, of course, it's April fool's. But you already know about all that stuff. The pure laughter and stupidity that always emanates from our times together lasts for days like a joyful perfume I never want to wash out. It can't be fully described in words.

We don't usually text after we return to our normal lives, much less write letters (gosh, I procrastinate so much you would get like one a year), but just this one I'm kinda curious what you have to say back. So, I DEMAND one back. Plus, I mean, I already wrote this entire thing at your request. It's the least you could do. Also, if you start actually tearing up on me I'm going to kick you. Anyway, that's my time. *takes a bow at your silent applause*

Yours Truly in Circles (i swear, your no-no square is not a square),
Yes (jk, you know it's your fellow A, A)
Ok, so this has a TON of inside jokes and since I know what they all are, it's a tad hard to edit out. Please peer review or drop a note in the comments if anything seems confusing. Thanks all! :)

(and my cousin advises you all to watch the no-no square video. i do not.)

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