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But the earth kept spinning

July 17, 2020

Dear Addy,

How has it been since your passing? 

I’m happy to inform, that we’re all doing fine down here.
Your family- they never moved on. But they continued living. They adopted a new dog-a spaniel. They continue telling your stories. 
It’s  been three years now, maybe more, and it still seems like it was all a dystopian nightmare. I’ll never forget, how your mom fainted on the plane they took to get here. I will never forget, how my uncle, drove all the way to the desert, just for a chance to find you. It used to seem so cruel to me, that a quick , seemingly unimportant decision, could end like this. But now, I know. I’ve learned.  Addy, despite all of the pain you caused me, you made me better. You made me more careful, Braver. You made me Stronger.  It was 12 PM when you entered the river. At first, only a calm stream. But it was only moments later when the storm began. That was when we got the message. That was when...
we became worried. 
I never told you this, but, that whole day, I felt heavy, restrained. I knew something bad was going to happen. But I never expected this, no one could. No one did.
I remember your casket so clearly, as if you were buried yesterday. Did you know, that it was my only time seeing a casket? I have never seen one before, and have refused to see one since. 
It was the day after the funeral, when I realized something incredible, and yet, unbelievably sad. The universe doesn’t care what’s happened. It never did, and never will. The day after the funeral, the sun rose again. And it kept on rising, with every day that came. 
At first, it made me angry. How could the world dare move on, when such a tragedy has happened! The way I saw it, the whole world needed to stop, and help us process, help us accept the sorrow. But as time moved on, I realized why the earth kept spinning. 
The sun never rose again for you, Addy. But we were still here. And even when the pain was unbearable, and we haven’t slept, bathed, or eaten properly for days- 
the sun reminds us, that it isn’t over for us. There’s still more “life” we’re meant to live. So you get up, live on, and one day, you realize why you had to keep living. Maybe for your family, it was the day they got the spaniel. What was mine? I’m not sure. In all honesty, There were so many happy, meaningful days  for me .
When my grandfather died, almost eight months ago, I knew I felt sad, but I wasn’t....sorrowful. Because I now know, that sorrow, is what we feel when an untimely death occurs. My grandfather, he lived such a long life. Longer than most people will ever be able to experience down here.
Dear Addy, I was almost the same age you were on that awful day- when the coronavirus started spreading . It was a shock to us all, even if- we should have seen it coming. If we could go back in time, we would have stopped this, and none of it would have happened. But obviously, “going back in time” isn’t an option. Otherwise, we would have warned you. You would have been... alive. 
My friend’s father died of corona, only a few months ago.
And it was,
But this time, I knew how to cope with it.
This time,
I was stronger. 
It’s so odd- how when you left, the world felt like it was ending. But, somehow - the earth kept spinning. Even though ...
you were Dead.

It’s times like this, where the pain helps me remember. That while we’re here, it isn’t over. As long as another day comes by, and we’re here- There is more “life” worth living.
Sometimes, I wonder how you would react, down here. From the stories I’ve heard, it seems you would’ve been so miserable!
Maybe it’s good that now, you’re up there. Maybe now, that’s where you belong. 

I know you’ll never write back to me. That’s okay, even if I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing. Since you’ve been here, so much has happened, and so much will keep happening...

I wish you the best, and send my love to grandpa, my friend’s father, and to all of the people above.

I love you, sincerely. 

I look forward to the day we’ll meet again.



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