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Happy Ending.

July 10, 2020

Dear Death,
The world informed me about you as soon as I was born. My religion asked me to await you and greet you with a smile when you come to receive me. I was told that you are just a part of the soul's journey. If you come to take away the brave on the borders, you are respected. If you take away the sinners, you are called just. If you take away the mother of a newly birthed, you are named brutal. When people want to meet you, others stop them. You do not discriminate, do you? You accept everyone, be it a amoeba or the almighty. 

A thought that crosses my mind as I write this letter to you, you are the only one who has met every single living being that ever existed. So ancient are you, I like to think, that time must be your elder sister, only to have seen the cosmos being formed without you. Apart from that, both of you have seen life flourish and finish, together.

There are so many motion pictures that celebrate you, at the same time there are so many souls wailing and cursing when you decide to pay a visit to their households. I feel so confused. I want to celebrate you with the brightest smile I can give, yet I feel the emotion of extreme fear when I think about you. I was just eleven years old, when you payed a visit to my house for the first time in my life, taking away my grandfather. I was confused then. I had cried enough to fill up a bucket. Since then you have visited my household quite a few times. 

I must say, you are quite selfish to keep everyone you meet and never allow them to go away from you.  I do miss the people, whom you took away. Initially I was hurt, but I remember them with a warm smile now. Although I was not very close to them, I do have good memories with them. I have kept those moments, filled with air of love and happiness, in my memories. 

However, I have a question. Why am I so scared of you? Why does my heart beat faster? Why do I sweat? Why do I cry? Why do I feel scared that my family and friends might meet you before I do?  Why is it that I do not want to meet you soon? Well, that is more than 'a question' . Sorry about that, I was overwhelmed for a moment.  

However, it must be mentioned in writing that the idea of meeting you has a sense of mystery and excitement to it. It seems as if you are a very distant relative of mine. An ancient uncle, whom I know of only through the tales narrated by elderly. I know my encounter with you will be short, yet I live life thinking about it often. 

You are so strong that the moments spent in your absence are spent in the anticipation of your presence.  What is it about the bitter sweet aura of yours, that captures me and my kind? I believe only you will be able to answer this question. When I meet you, my life will cease to exist. I do have three or four decades left to meet you so all I can do is live my life and just wait for you. When you come for me, I will succumb to you. I will not reject you for that will be the only way, I believe, I can achieve my happy ending. 

Yours truly,
A Living Being. 



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  • Anlee

    what an interesting letter! loved reading it <3

    4 months ago
  • And_The_Stars_Laughed

    Awesome job on this piece -- I enjoyed reading it and I love how you addressed death as if it was a person. Great work!! :)

    4 months ago
  • Ayu

    I love this piece so much. Death is the only constant in the universe, and I think it will remain so. Keep more of these coming please!

    4 months ago