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Sometimes I tell stories. Most of the time I rattle my soul until I break and my heart spills out onto the page.

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bitterness on my tongue

July 7, 2020


I taste this world’s bitter brokenness on my tongue
not tangy like lemons of rancid like sour pineapples
but flavorless like this desert sand devoid of life
powdery   bland   dry   leaves you thirsting
for water you’ll never have and food you’ll never eat
I suppose this is what death tastes like
the crumbling of bones into dust blowing away
on a wind that brings no respite from the everlasting heat
tonight my skeleton crumples beneath the weight
of all these lies laced throughout the marrow
my heart bleeds until empty but still it is heavy with
raw sorrow that drips from my capillaries like
rotten blood and cells shriveled in the blazing sun
this desert shows no mercy to the dying weak
I don’t know how much longer I can go on
tonight my knees sink to the ground as my spine
collapses and I lift my hands to the heavens
in the insufferable heat I cry where are you
is there any hope left for my weeping soul and
broken heart, in all this the rattlesnake venom
spreads like an inky cancer through my veins
if this is freedom then I want no part in it
I’m tired and it hurts my heart to watch this
feeble parade of life and death march past my
sighing eyes, my broken heart trembles wondering
how long   how long   how long
the sun beats down on my sweat-soaked skin
sapping strength and I’m tired, I don’t know if I can go on
much longer unless you comfort me so here I am again
smoothing my salty tears into my sweaty skin
asking for hope and wondering if you’ll have mercy and
shadow me with your wing in the midst of this storm
has anyone else ever felt spiritually tired and wished they could just take a break from life for a little while? (unfortunately, however, life doesn't work that way, so this poem resulted from my tiredness.)


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  • Dmoral

    your footnotes just described me so bluntly, i love this piece.

    "tonight my skeleton crumples beneath the weight / of all these lies laced throughout the marrow"
    favorite lines, this figurative language and imagery was brilliant!

    8 months ago
  • ineffable

    This is really beautifully written

    8 months ago
  • ineffable

    Praying for you sweetie <3

    8 months ago