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Dear Young Readers

July 6, 2020


Dear a child who loves reading,
Reading is a way of life, it is an escape route when things are too hard to bear. The fact that you love reading is a great thing, it is handy to always have a good book at hand.
I hope that one day you will pack a book into your backpack, and that the name on the cover will be mine. I hope to inspire people like you.
How has your life been recently? I hope you have plenty of reading material right now - so you can travel to Antarctica on a scientific research boat, or you can join a society of rebel poets, or you can fly a plain to the Amazon to save endangered animals from smugglers. 
Whatever you are doing right now, I hope to inspire you, to be the amazing author that you look up to. Like so many others were for me. One day, books in the children's and young adults section of the shelf will have my name on them, and people like you, or your children will pick them up and ask their parents to by them. One day will be the roll-model author. One day, you will come to a book signing of mine, and I will dedicate my book to you, on the inside cover, like authors have for me in the past.
Continue reading, it is a treasure. My older sister went to school once, (we are both home-schooled,) and almost all of the students, they were in high-school, didn't read. I was shocked. So many students, with a library and a bookshop a few kilometres from the school, and not one person Ciara asked read
I hope that once I am signing books for the next generation, many, many more people will read. And when they do . . . I will be inspiring more writers too. 
Writing and reading come hand-in-hand for many. I for one, could never have written as well as I do if not for my extensive reading. I don't pretend to be an expert writer, but the books I have read have shaped the way I see things. The words flow better after reading them written by authors of both the past and present day.
Jane Austen; I have only just begun reading her work, but it too has inspired me to write in a different style. Even watching movies can help inspire you, though nothing is quite the same as a good book. I'm not ashamed to say that if I read the books of my childhood again, I would still enjoy them greatly. They have a nostalgic feel about them, so perhaps I am destined for writing children's books after all. The point is; read whatever books you want. Don't let people tell you what you should and shouldn't read. If you want to become a children's book author, you must have a good knowledge of the genre.
So read whatever you want. And if the time comes that you want to write something too, don't hesitate.
Kind regards,
This is letter writing practice for the competition. If you think I should submit this one for pear review and enter it in the competition, let me know in the comments. I hope you liked it. >D


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  • RemovedUser1

    I really liked this! It was very heartfelt! You've got big dreams, and I like that. If you fixed a few grammar mistakes, you could totally enter this letter! If you'd like me to write a peer review, just reply to my letter:
    And maybe you could read it as well;)

    10 months ago