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Message to Readers

tw for mentions of death.

word vomit. unedited so there will be a lot of grammar and sentence structure issues. this piece might go unpublished soon and a better piece might replace it with a more concisely expressed message. for now though, badly written word vomit.

*also if it's winter, i apologize.

tbh, this is probably the angriest you'll ever see me on here. not good at writing angry pieces, but rn, i think i'm pretty pissed. yes, you have rights, but you do not have the right to endanger other people by doing whatever the hell you want during a time like this. yes, the american government has done wrong, but would it kill you to use your head and actually think about why other countries have it in better control than us?

TL;DR stop being careless and endangering other people. wear a damn mask and stop partying, for the love of god. masks can prevent your dirty spit from getting out but not protect other people. just because you don't show symptoms or care abt your health doesn't mean other people are the same.

i'm tired.

bastards do not fear summer or drifting diseases | tw: light mentions of death/current events

July 12, 2020



they tell you to fear summer: 

the haze of spittle glossing tinted car windows, sweaty arms hooking haphazardly through sand-stained shoulders, spearmint breaths mingling in the midair, and lip locked scoundrels drawing taut fingers across bare collarbones.

you think it is a testament to your bravery. you do not fear summer. summer fears you.

so again, you share a dirty straw with your best friend, sucking up the last bit of common sense you had left, dusty thumb painting your phone screen in silt. the numbers displayed on your screen don't register in your summer muddled brain. 

free. free. free. 

standing up for your goddamned freedom, bodily fluids dyed red white and blue, you fling them towards the crowd. spitting into the shot glasses you share with your buddies at the crowded bar, the lights blur your vision as you balter drunkenly across the dance floor. 

this is summer. this is freedom. 

the rest of the world watches in abject disgust as you take to the beaches, thousands of filthy feet stomping on top of each other, throwing that very same sand into faces, swallowing tainted water. because of course, you do not fear summer. you call yourself 'brave', you call yourself angry when your local bar gets shut down, shoving signs into faces of doctors and scientists, saying over and over again: freedom. 

the numbers raise again. you ignore them even though they're being screamed from every crackly radio your grandpa has ever given you. this is youth after all, and you will not waste it worrying about what-ifs. later, you will go to a pool party. 

and even later after that, you are told your college will be exclusively online classes. if you had a job, you're laid off. you might even get detained for awhile for wandering the streets. in all three scenarios, you smash your expensive phone to the floor and scream "why?!" to the uncaring skies. 

the numbers raise again, but you are only concerned with yourself. you go to a party the day after to drink your worries away. 

you still do not fear summer. not even when billions of people scoff at your sunburnt back and overcrowded hospitals. people die right outside of your doorstep and they beg for you to stop, for you to finally open your damn eyes and look at what's happening around you. everyday, the red bubbles of anxious news anchors expand and plead, please wear a mask, please stop partying, please have some common sense. you say it is your right to do whatever you want. 

you don't fear summer. and it is too late. 


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  • Landofstories

    Amazing! I just wish EVERYONE would read this and get it into their heads that ignoring the rules that they've set in place is just plain stupid! Love this piece, so beautifully worded. I'm under-qualified to even compliment on this piece but I just had to!!!

    4 months ago
  • Deleted User

    YES YES YES!!!!!!!!! You worded this perfectly!
    It's flippin ridiculous that people are ignoring safety protocols. And it's not like his truly, the president, is helping at all! Numbers are rising and people dont give a bleep! Where I'm at, almost nobody wears a mask, only a few do! They are hurting themselves and others, where is common sense?! Whelp, this turned into a rant. Anyway, thank you for writing this, your works never fail to amaze!

    5 months ago
  • løne wølf

    aaaaaaaand, you've done it again, chrys (im so sorry girl)! wow, this is freaking gorgeous. for example: "so again, you share a dirty straw with your best friend, sucking up the last bit of common sense you had left, dusty thumb painting your phone screen in silt." like . . . what? that screams talent so loudly mars could have heard it. great job girl, as always <3

    5 months ago
  • løne wølf

    im so sorry! chrys! aah! let me edit-

    5 months ago
  • sunny.v


    5 months ago
  • Anlee

    more people need to see this piece gosh im also sick and tired of americans protesting against masks and social distancing. i cant believe that some people believe that masks are the reason why people are dying and that coronavirus is a hoax. seriously, our curve is flattening vertically (aka shooting skywards)

    5 months ago
  • inanutshell

    i occasionally see news reports of americans still out & about when cases are only rising, and always wondered what possible reason they had for endangering everyone else. this definitely brings light to the issue, of the utter recklessness of people's apathy to the virus and the way perceived individual freedom and rights have played into the ineffectiveness of lockdowns in the US. and the use of the pov only enhances it. it's quite a different image of how societies work (as compared to here anyway) and i'm glad you wrote this. also "sucking up the last bit of common sense you had left" is so subtly savage haha love it

    5 months ago
  • naomi ling

    sunny puts it more eloquently (as always) but i agree whole-heartedly with everything you wrote. i'll admit i am guilty to playing tennis with a friend or two (socially-distanced) now and then, but people need to seriously reconsider their actions thus far. there's a reason why we've left all other countries in the dust in regards to COVID cases.

    5 months ago
  • sunny.v

    YES. i read your message to reader and i’ll brb to give u a proper comment but seeing people ON THE BEACHES is nothing short of infuriating. everyday I see people on my Instagram feed gallivanting around and putting people in danger. my father is a doctor that has to deal with many sick patients, so he’s been quarantined in another part of the house. i haven’t been in the same room as my dad for MONTHS because of this. it’s ridiculous. Americans need to stop partying and wear a mask, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. CARE ABOUT PUBLIC HEALTH RULES.

    5 months ago