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Saving Tea Parties

July 6, 2020


I lay the teacups in front of me
five porcelain teacups and one teapot
I take my lavender and drop them into the teapot
I stir, careful not to spill
Sit straighter. I think to myself. 
Grandmother stares at me making sure I do everything right
I continue the Chinese tea ceremony
Sitting on my knees and pouring 
Five perfect cups of tea
"Hen Hao," Grandmother congratulates me. 
"Xie Xie," I say, thanking her. 
We sip our lavender tea
Making sure not to spill and not to make sound
People say I am too old for tea parties
But I think otherwise
Tea parties are time you can spend with other people
Sharing ideas and having small delicacies
However, this tradition is slowly fading
And grandma is depending on me
to carry this tradition
for our next generation

Word Count: 138

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  • Lata.B

    This piece highlights culture! I love how traditional this is! You paint such a beautiful picture with this!
    Re- Ahh i know, It's scary when Pixie does that!!

    8 months ago
  • Abrianna

    Hey! Thanks for all the nice comments! I love this piece it is such a beautiful picture of old-fashioned peace and tradition. Goodness, how I wish sometimes I had been born long ago when, 'the ships were made of wood, and men of iron.'
    I do love it though, so calm. <33

    11 months ago
  • Huba Huba

    Ha, I'm Chinese too, and I'm understanding this! Among Us is a rather popular video game in our area, and I was just wondering if people in other places play it too.

    12 months ago
  • Starting Anew! (still Coolgirl though)

    By any chance, is your family Chinese? ‘Cause mine is and I’m Californian too! XD

    about 1 year ago
  • Deleted User

    Out of your published works that I’ve read so far, this one is my fav!

    about 1 year ago
  • alyannabatoy

    I adore this piece! I feel so lucky to have heard about these traditions, awe man I really hope they thrive forever! Your choice of words and the pacing of this piece is truly beautiful :))

    about 1 year ago
  • RemovedUser1

    I really like this! It’s cool to hear about other traditions than my own.

    Also, thanks! I worked really hard on Harmonious Defiance. I’m glad you liked it!

    about 1 year ago