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Noelle and I

July 21, 2020

Dear Noelle,

    It's funny, if you ever saw this, you'd know it was for you. And not just because I've changed your name to Noelle for personal narratives in English class. But because you've always been a different kind of friend.
    You were the friend that was the best without acting like you were better. We survived childish disputes, distance, and pain I shouldn't have burdened you with. You were the friend that was alright with just walking around the playground or playing hand-clapping games under the swing set. We could spend entire evenings together waiting for a cast list or eating your mom's latest masterpiece of baking. You were girlier than me, but I taught myself how to love fairies and Fancy Nancy picture books because you did. And that was okay.
    But we don't talk anymore. This isn't a Charlie Puth song, but I guess he had to be inspired by real life, too. I wonder if he ever lived in denial of that separation. Did I? I never thought we'd grow apart. I guess that's sort of silly; the only things we have in common is theatre and dads who lost touch with each other. What else did I think would happen? Time heals all wounds, but in our case, it created them.
    I still remember how we met. That was the summer our seven-year-old selves at swimming lessons found out we'd be going to the same school and that our dads used to be friends. Used to be. Shouldn't that have been a warning sign? But in second grade, all you need for friendship is enthusiasm and a pair of jump ropes.
    After that year of innocence, I went back to my old school. We were too young to do anything but call each other now and again, but it still wasn't enough, was it? Remember our excitement when we finally began attending the same school again? We picked up right where we left off. But I got a new best friend. I was so blind that I didn't even realize I was pushing you away. We were still close, yet I looked at our friendship and hardly recognized it. I'm not sure which of us changed more. I just know that when I left your school again, I accepted that we'd only see each other at rehearsal. I accepted it... is that wrong?
    I hear that you got a girlfriend. That's weird to think about, because we only ever talked about boys. It's also sort of strange to just hear things about you instead of hearing them from you.
It isn't like we don't know each other anymore. You came to our game night at the mall, and when we're in plays together, it's almost as if nothing has changed. Almost. I think both of us realized that our friendship wasn't built to bridge two school changes and polar opposite personalities.
    The worst part is when I realize that I barely miss you. With all the things that should have kept us apart, it's a miracle we ever stayed together. So I shouldn't feel bad that there's a space between us that awkward texts can't bring together anymore. That's what I tell myself, anyway. But I still find myself ashamed that I didn't try harder and horrified that I barely care. I can't see a way that we could piece our friendship together once more. Maybe I should have bought more glue to fill in the cracks, but the bandaids I tried to use have fallen off, and I don't think I can bring myself to try to fill in the gaps yet again.
    I hope you don't think that this is somehow your fault. You were a good friend, no, a great friend. You taught me that it's okay to wear sparkles and pigtails. That my happiness isn't connected to whatever somebody said to me. How to stop and enjoy something I've created without wishing it was more. You were ever-loyal and unbelievably kind. Even when you didn't understand what I wanted (honestly, neither did I), you were always willing to stay by my side and remind me of sunlight.

With fond memories and gratitude,


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  • Writing4Life

    Btw band-aid has a hyphen in the middle.

    3 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Wow, our's are both about a lost friend. *sadness*

    3 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Hey Annnnneeeeee, um you know your "In my dreams" cover on YT...There's 1 comment, and uh, you might wanna delete it..It contains a link to a uh questionable website...

    3 months ago
  • The Campbell's Kid

    Anne this piece is wayyyyy too good! It's a winner for sure! Good luck (Like you need it lol)

    3 months ago
  • birthdaycandles

    I love the name Noelle, I think if I was ever going to rename myself, I'd choose that one. The little elements of humour really make the letter personal, and help create an open and honest tone, and gives the reader an insight into the friendship. It's tale is detailed yet not dragged on, and provides some sort of understanding to how the friendship faded. I loved your reference to the band aids falling off when trying to fix things, it's a really good description and the "band aid" imagery kind of illustrates the childlike nature of the friendship. Best of luck in the competition :)

    3 months ago
  • journal.screams (#Queenie's Halloween)

    Super engaging and relatable throughout the whole letter. You tell the story of your friendship and develop the characters so well. I especially love the sentence "Time heals all wounds, but in our case, it created them." Good luck with the competition!

    3 months ago
  • Lata.B

    I really like this! I love how everything goes together and it's such a beautiful letter! Good luck to you my friend! :)

    3 months ago
  • Century Friend

    Love this! It's relatable and really gives insight into your friendship. It left me with a bittersweet feeling and I enjoyed the read.

    3 months ago
  • abi's pov

    ahh this is a masterpiece! so personal, yet so relatable; and the honesty of it all *chef's kiss* beautiful, girly, absolutely beautiful. "Time heals all wounds, but in our case, it created them"-this line-omg-i don't even have words to describe how much I love it. Good luck (but I doubt you'll need it!) ;)

    3 months ago
  • And_The_Stars_Laughed

    I love this!! Each paragraph flows together beautifully, and the content is so descriptive and personal, yet it's so relatable and engaging! Good luck with the competition!! :)

    3 months ago
  • happy butterfly

    I love this version. I think the edits improved the piece immensely.
    1. it helped alot when you clarified that your dads lost touch OF EACHOTHER
    2.i like how you specified a few bits like how you pushed her brings in alot more also stirs so many new emotions for the reader.
    3. the use of how you mentioned a few personal memories makes it so much more sacred and makes the reader empathize much more with you.
    4. this is literally so minor.and it's just my opinion. it probably won't make a difference but I would personally change the word "masterpiece " for the baking to something else.idk masterpiece piece is still good but idk .do what you will with this suggestion.
    Idk if this was helpful or not.i just wanted to point out that your edits really improved the piece. I don't think there's anything that should be changed.Beautiful piece! good luck anne<3

    3 months ago
  • books4life

    amazing! love the whole thing! It's really cool on how you talk all about the personal things you all shared and that ur grateful she was your friend, even if you aren't anymore.

    "But in second grade, all you need for friendship is enthusiasm and a pair of jump ropes. " This is amazing! Love this line! Great job!

    3 months ago