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Questions In A Bottle

July 8, 2020

Dear Ocean-Going Stranger,

   It must be coincidental that you have received this letter. Do you believe in coincidence? Or do you believe that there is something up in the stars that pulls our puppet strings and brings us together? I believe in the former. 

   I’m afraid I have forgotten simple pleasantries. How are you? I hope you are well, wherever you may be. I would say it’s nice to meet you, but there would be complications in that claim. So I suppose it’s nice to be writing to whoever you are. Do you like writing? I do. I also enjoy reading. Do you? I think many people enjoy reading. But I also think a lot more would if they just read the right things. What do you enjoy reading the most? Do you believe you get the same experience when rereading?

   I suppose asking you all these questions is pointless, seeing as I’ll never get an answer. But maybe they’ll help you. I don’t know what they would help you with though. I’ll let you decide on that. I guess not all questions require an answer. Like a rhetorical question. When did you learn the meaning of rhetorical? Do you remember? So many things in our memories are lost. So many key points. And so many minor ones, that get washed over in the chaos of everyday life. There was a question I once read. It asked if given the choice, would I get rid of all my bad memories and/or moments. Nearly everyone at the table said no. They claimed that, without those bad moments, we wouldn’t be the people we are today. But what if there weren’t any bad moments? Would we all be happy or would life be boring? We would all be different, that’s obvious. But would we be be...worse?
   There’s a question that fits into a similar category. If genies were real, and you had the opportunity to make three wishes, what would you wish for? The typical answer would be to ask for more questions, but on the off chance that that response is prohibited, what would you wish for? Money? Good looks? Happiness? Good luck? Those might be what many people would ask for. And I personally believe that there is nothing wrong with asking for good looks. Or money. Do you? Do you think that having infinite amounts of money or attractiveness would cloud your vision of the world? Or would you strive to improve others lives with your gift? Do you think money can, in fact, buy happiness?

   These are all meaningless questions, but I’m still hoping that in finding this letter, you have found something in yourself. However small. And I have one more question for you. Are you happy?



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  • journal.scribbles

    This was actually really thought-provoking. I would love to receive a letter like this in a bottle. It's cool to think about how somebody somewhere asks questions I've wondered myself so many times.

    10 months ago