An international student from Malaysia studying in Australia.

Not a skilful writer but am enjoying writing sometimes. Wish to learn more from everyone here. Aspire to make good poetry, lyrics and good stories.

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Nobody is normal in this world.


July 9, 2020


daisy on the side of a hill,
sitting up straight, serene and still.
roaming the world, here and there
below the clear sky, breathing silky air.
has she ever held pride in her name
for pure and innocence she is made?

daisy down along the street,
look at that little thing, how sweet!
but the trees and their shadow
are in her way to bloom and grow.
the romantic roses take all the glory
so do the orchids of an opulent family. 

then there's you - the last thing she sees.
trampled, mangled. the breathing ceased.

daisy under the tip of your heel,
there's still more of them, no big deal!
no word is spoken, and there she lies.
not all creature dies with painful cries.
silent as she always will be,
we never knew is she just like you and me.
Jotted down some ideas in the making of this one when I was chilling in a park a few months ago... with no daisy by my side. Worked on this one for a while whenever I remembered it.

In case the message is not clear enough, this is a metaphor or an anthropomorphism of a person who has been misjudged. People usually determine someone who they are by their action and what they seem to be. We expect these people to do what they "will do" according to what we believe they are. And when this happens, we ignore the fact that these people may be incapable to express or unable to freely BE who they are. They ended up "trampled" by us - who are careless, who ignored their desire to be able to say how hurt they are already. And in the end, sometimes they remain hurt, and still stuck in their way to tell us how they feel.

May not be well expressed here but... hope you all like it :D
and PLEASE, feel free to give me any feedback about it.


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  • TheNurdeyGick

    Thanks, inanutshell! :'D
    Perhaps I still need to work more onto it so the message is clear enough! I really like daisies myself, too! Thanks for the feedback and for liking it :DD

    10 months ago
  • inanutshell

    this is a really sweet poem! especially love the alliteration in the second line, and daises are my fav so i automatically love this <3 did not expect the meaning in the footnotes; that's a really good metaphor being used here actually so i think i gotta look more closely! otherwise this is lovely :)

    10 months ago