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Mr. & Mrs. Mocking Bird

July 14, 2020

Some of the best creatures, I have known are birds. Particularly Mocking birds who I came to recognize as my friends. In my treehouse, a family of mocking birds came to live. Mother, father, and three small, blue, brown-speckled, eggs. I will now begin to tell a tale of these Mockers through their perspective. This is how it could have happened.

"Come along, darling," Mr. Mocking bird chirped to his wife, "Yes, I'm coming." she tweeted back. Mr. Mocker had built a nest in a big treehouse, he hopped that the place he had found would protect him and his wive's future hatchlings from wind and stormy, rainy weather. "Here it is," Mr. Mocker said proudly as he and his wife landed on what a appeared to be a wood plank. Directly in front of them was a nest bordered on two sides by wood. It was almost as if it was a little cubby hole built just for them to place their nest. " This is wonderful," his wife flapped her feathers happily, "There are two sides where we can escape if need be, and our babies will be protected from the elements here!" she cooed, "That is exactly the purpose I had hoped it would serve." Mr. Mocker replied. 

A few days later, the nest was complete with the added touch of a few of Mrs. Mocker's feathers to keep their babies warm. Mrs. Mocker then laid three eggs in their quaint nest. Later that day as Mrs. Mocking bird sat on the eggs in her nest to keep them warm, she thought of what she would name the baby birds when they hatched. "Oh, yes, that's a good name," she thought to herself, "What is?" Mr. Mocker asked as he landed next to their nest, "Nothing, it's just that in a few more weeks our eggs will have hatched, I was just thinking of what I would name them." Mrs. Mocker finished. "I see, well, I will go and find our dinner while you think." they agreed and Mr. Mocker flew off while Mrs. Mocker continued to think and warm the eggs.

A few weeks later, CRACK! PECK! CRACK! The eggs were hatching and the little birds were breaking out! Mr. and Mrs. Mocker watched patiently as the baby birds emerged from the shells of the eggs. Mrs. Mocker cooed and chirped about how cute that 'one' looked and how the other 'one' looked just like Mr. Mocker, "Oh, they are all SO CUTE! I wish that they wouldn't have to grow up, I love them just the way they are!" Mr. Mocker looked pleased with his new children but a little annoyed at Mrs. Mocker's twitterings and chirping, "I'm sure that your mother thought the same way when you hatched, dear, but eventually, they'll have to grow and fly off as we each did from our nests."  Mrs. Mockers' smile lowered a bit when her husband said this but it quickly raised again once she looked back at her new baby birds.

The next weeks were filled with hard work and frustrations seeing as the babies had to be fed every five minutes. "I wish they would grow up now," Mrs. Mocker grumbled, "I never thought that taking care of baby birds would be this hard." Mr. Mocker laughed at his wife, "Why, when they hatched you wished they'd never grow up and now you say that you wish they would? Oh, I'm quite sure that you'll be changing that mind of yours again soon enough." Mrs. Mocker gave a "Humph." at her husband's words. 

Indeed Mr. Mocking bird was correct, for now, they were teaching their babies to fly. TWEET! CHIRP! The baby birds sang as they hastily learned to fly. "Very good, you've got the hang of it now!" Mr. Mocker said as he encouraged his children. Mrs. Mocker sat in her nest as she watched her babies flying swiftly with their father. A tear slid down her face as she smiled with pride, "My husband was right, I do wish that they would stay young and small. But time and nature are their masters now and soon they will build nests and have families of their own." she sighed in a melancholy way and cheered her children on.

Now the nest was empty and Mr. and Mrs. Mocker had moved on, to build another nest somewhere else where they would lay more eggs and raise more baby birds. But their nest would stay there in that treehouse, always as an old, bittersweet, memory, a tribute to hard work, family, and the never-ending love that would bind them together even when they would move far from each other. 

                                                                         The End

The Mocking birds show the character quality of hard work and perseverance. Mocking birds are devoted parents to their children and don't stop until the job is done. I think that Mocking birds are the perfect example to other animals of how to be good creatures.


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  • Kit-Kat Sully

    Thank you!

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    Aw, this is sweet! I love reading/writing things based on different POVs, especially animals. =)
    Keep on! God bless!

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    Thx! :) <3

    - Kit-Kat

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    I love this! Great job!

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