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Hi, I'm Kit-Kat! I'm standing up for the truth and holding tight to my Savior, Jesus. I'm striving to be a "light" in the "darkness"; when Christ said follow me, He never said it would be easy! Check out Alice's Adventures on Amazon! Thank you!

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Here's a sure-to-make- you-smile funny poem, (or story?). I enjoy getting your feedback, so, thank you for letting me know what you think! I hope that you enjoy this!

Confusing Food

July 5, 2020

PROMPT: Beyond Reason

Why does the menu have chicken fingers?
Chickens don't have fingers, right?

At the grocery store, they have heads of lettuce,
but where's the rest of its body?

How can chili be hot and yet sound cold? 

The menu has buffalo wings,
but I've NEVER seen one fly.

In the grocery store, they have boneless chicken,
I thought all chickens had bones though...

Pineapples are a fruit, though its name sounds like a tree,
how can this be?

How deep does the pit of a cherry go?

Does anyone really know the answers to all these confusing things? I don't.



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