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The Fight is Not Over. (tw: some content may be disturbing)

July 5, 2020



Indebted to damnation - we lie in our graves the day we birth from the sinful, covered in blood, piss, and the pressure of societal stereotypes. The womb of Liberty, the descendants of a colonized "masterpiece." A nation built on the shoulders of a monster stripped of his royalty - genocide with a garnish of gold. Who are we to say that the history of our nation is one worth saving, when the lives our ancestors - my ancestors - stole all those centuries ago were tossed to the side for the better good of the superior race?

Who are we? Something so idealistic - a "me" separate from the "we" of humanity does not and should not exist. Humanity is one. 



The United States of America. Only one. One for all, all for none. A demonic dictatorship wearing the skin of democracy runs wild, screaming - preaching - of freedom, my freedom, our freedom. Women in chains, the times have changed but what will we do when the steps backward rival all of the steps we've made forward? Slavery abolished, human trafficking replaces it. Children, smile pretty for the men who can't control themselves. Sit pretty.

Boys, go to church, and smile at your pastor. He can do no wrong in the eyes of God. When he smiles back, ignore the chill that runs down your spine. He is a man above God.

Girls, cover yourselves. Wear clothes that don't show too much skin. Your fashion is your armor - wear it well. They can't hurt you that way. The men can't look at you if you're ugly.

The predators thrive in the jungle. You will always be in their territory. 

"Chinese, Japanese, American-knees, look at these!" Hold your tongue and laugh. They're just kids, after all. When they start to harass you more due to little to no discipline, take those punches. Wipe the spit and blood away from your face. That loose tooth will give you character. Tear it out. After all, their porcelain skin can do no wrong in the eyes of society. Their freedom is different than yours, isn't it? The smart Asian, your parents who raise you to do more than they ever could. Be a doctor. Be an engineer. Don't be a failure. The weight of their expectations compels you to keep going. Move forward, past the assault, past the harassment. You are stronger than that.

Are you?

You are different - but oh, but is that a good thing? The tint to your skin will always shine yellow in your eyes. You are insecure. The pride you used to hold so near and dear to your heart has slipped away, through the cracks of your fingers. 

Hold yourself at night. There is no one else who will.

When you fall apart, smile.

Welcome to humanity. Liberty weeps for you. 

You are talent. You are the future, but your future is not in your hands. You poor puppet. The strings you hold lead nowhere but to the damned climbing their way out of Hell. The weight of the dead seep into your veins, your blood, and your ancestors whisper through your history textbooks. Lies, they whisper. This man was no good. Don't let them trick you. Decayed fingers wrap around your throat, and they are devoid of warmth. All they hold is the unfortunate fate of the fooled, fingers crackling with the smallest of movements.

History is told through the victorious' perspective. Swallow all of the bitter pills that your ancestors feed you, and try not to choke. This is your curse.

Failure is too terrifying to accept. So you will continue to suffer.

That is your job. And the wage is listening to fireworks and crying yourself to sleep every other night.

Liberty weeps for you, her child who is chained to a nation that speaks only the language of profit.
The fireworks scare the shit out of me. I can never tell if they're actual fireworks or gunshots.


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  • .amelia.

    I'm really sorry.

    I was completely unaware :p
    I'll step out of this contest
    thanks for the information

    beautiful work btw!

    5 months ago
  • naomi ling

    wow. uuhhh damn i sincerely regret not stumbling across your work earlier because it is achingly powerful. "Liberty weeps for you, her child who is chained to a nation that speaks only the language of profit." whaaatt? now gonna weep over your prose for a few hours nbd

    5 months ago
  • jun lei

    and this is why i would elect you president, time and time again. you are a fucking queen and i cannot say that enough.
    thank you.

    5 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    oh god oh god oh god. would it be shameful for me to say i can't properly articulate a comment for this? i've just been sitting here for maybe five or ten minutes, just rereading this over and over again. the tone in this piece absolutely blew me away and what you were expressing through this i- i'm at a loss and feeling a little bit... empty (?) too, so i'll end this right here. i can't say enough how much i love and admire your writing. truly an out of body experience, thank you for writing this.

    5 months ago
  • Anha

    if this is a word vomit, i'd hold your hair back for as long as you let me, just to see the words come out. (a little bit graphic but you get the gist of it.) "One for all, all for none" made me snap like i was at a slam poetry reading. oh there were so many good lines in here, and your message was so damn clear - pointing out just a few of the many things that are wrong with the ruling elite, but still maintaining a sliver hope for an america less shitty than the one we're stuck with rn. this is a tragedy, a lament for the good left in your country, and i respect that so much. i absolutely love all your writing, informational and prose alike. please for the love of god, keep writing.

    5 months ago