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my life in threes

July 6, 2020

PROMPT: Dust Jacket


three communities to which you belong.   
i. the union of long-time taylor swift fans-i have no reason other than loving her.
ii. the club for nervous extroverts. 
iii. the world of academia.

three places you learn well.  
i. the downtown of a new city.
ii. the hallways (more so than the classrooms) of my high school.
iii. the settings carefully crafted by my father, from the brown couch on our second floor.

three adjectives your peers would use to describe you.
i. asian.
ii. unnecessarily loud.
iii. fashionably bipolar but perpetually smiley.

three adjectives your family would use.
i. american.
ii. tiger child-no parental influence.
iii. emotional (re: american).

three adjectives you would use.
i. gentle when angry.
ii. quick to forgive, quick to forget.
iii. thinking, not thoughtful.

three beliefs you hold. 
i. olives are inedible and should be the most hated pizza topping.
ii. sometimes actions speak louder than words, sometimes words are the most powerful action.
iii. people change because they are supposed to.
three sources of comfort. 
i. “dickless in seattle,” a group chat including five of my closest friends. the reason for the name: we love romantic comedies and we are all without penis.
ii. my seat at the dinner table, always patiently waiting for me.
iii. walking to the beach during golden hour in the summer, when it’s quiet.
three instincts that serve you well.   
i. i’m good at talking my way out of trouble.
ii. i can tell when someone needs a good laugh.
iii. when it comes to multiple choice tests, i’m a master at guessing.
three responsibilities you shoulder.
i. being the oldest, having to figure things out first.
ii. writing my own doctor’s notes and putting my own accomplishments up on the refrigerator.
iii. liking myself enough to convince others they like me too.
three things of which you are proud.
i. in the fourth grade, as a new student, i was voted class president.
ii. in the seventh grade, a classmate told me that i was going to change the world.
iii. in the tenth grade, i came to the conclusion that pride isn’t something bestowed upon you by others.
three qualities that make your life singular and/or unusual.
i. in a class of 400, i am the only chinese student.
ii. my name matches the erinyes of greek mythology, the three furies of fate.
iii. if nothing else, you could find me in a crowd because i look like someone with experience getting lost.
- let me know if you would like elaboration on any of these points!


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  • mia_:)

    nervous extroverts make some noooooise!!! <3

    5 months ago
  • naomi ling

    what an interesting piece to read! i'm pretty stunned at the lack of chinese representation in your student body -- perhaps because my area has about 51% of asians in our public schools. awhh u seem like a great person to get to know better <33

    5 months ago
  • avoiding the big bang

    i hate olives too!!
    seriously i love this piece. the humor is wonderfully juxtaposed with the serious; it both made me laugh and made me think. i love your writing because it feels like it's clever and light while also taking things seriously.

    5 months ago