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8 Everyday Tips to Have a Better Mental Health

July 4, 2020


Disclaimer: I'm not a professional, these are just stuff that worked for me.

Heyyy! I'm (finally) going to list down a few things that has helped me deal with anxiety and other common teenage problems. I know I promised it in my other piece some time ago but better later than never. They are quite simple and you probably heard it elsewhere, but it really helps.

1. Keep a journal
I've always had a hard time writing about my day in my journal or diary but every evening or morning, I try to write down everything I feel. Just write every single thought. Good ones, bad ones, IT'S YOURS!! Venting in a journal is relieving, and the best part is that no one will judge you or say anything.

2. Cry it out
Yep. Crying will help you release all those built up emotions and sometimes even discover what you really were feeling while you are crying. You are like a cloud and all your emotions can become overwhelming and you'll have to cry it out just like it rains when clouds get heavy. BUT -- there always is a but -- do NOT pity yourself. I repeat: DO NOT pity yourself. Pitying and just wanting to be miserable forever won't help at all. And yes, you can be sorrowful while you cry without being miserable for the rest of your life. It's a process.

3. Self care
This is one of my favorites. Taking care of physical appearance will help improve your mood. Do your skincare, wash your hair -- whatever you want. After I started following a skincare routine, I have been so happy and excited to see my skin so glow-y. I have curly hair, so taking care of it is also a must to me. Every time I wash it and style it I feel so happy looking at myself in the mirror. It boosts up your confidence, self esteem and your mood.

4. Hobbies
Guys, hobbies will help distract you from all your negative thoughts. Learn to play (or play if you already know) an instrument, dance, sing, draw, write -- whatever interests you. Try new things and invest in those you already love.

5. Talk aloud to someone
Talking will help you a lot. It can be with a friend, one of your parents, or even a therapist.

6. Be alone
I think this is really personal. I hated being alone and I wanted all the friends in the world. Today I know that I don't need many friends and even if I don't have a best friend, it's OK. Learning to like being alone is great. You discover more about yourself and your real identity -- not those of people around you. It's a different experience for everyone.

7. Take some time offline
I like taking some time off social media from time to time. It helps me reflect on myself and also pay more attention on those around me, like my family. Sometimes socials can be very toxic and develop into cycles of jealousy, comparison, and consequently hurting our mental health. Your emails and texts can wait!! You won't miss much.

8. Leave toxic "friendships"
If a person always criticizes you, humiliates you, talk about you behind your back, spreads your secrets, doesn't let you have other friendships and makes you feel worthless, well, most likely it's a toxic friendship. There are SO many other characteristics to them, but the point is, drift away from them. It doesn't mean you should gossip about them or disrespect them. You should just keep away from them and try not to talk too much with them.


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  • happygiggles

    Thank you for writing this and giving us all such helpful tips! (:

    7 months ago
  • books4life

    like sunny said, thank you! this is really kind of u to write this :) and I know I will take it in consideration :)

    7 months ago
  • sunny.v

    ah, mental health is always such a struggle. thank you for this, dear!

    7 months ago