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Hi, I'm Charlie! I love to write - but don't do it enough - and really enjoy baking, music and art as well. My identity is largely taken up by my adoration of avocados, coffee and basil!

Prompt - Beyond Reason

August 11, 2020

PROMPT: Beyond Reason


Is the grass jealous of how blue the sky is?
What do I want for dinner?
If this is a dream, when tomorrow comes will I remember what I have written?
Have I ever seen the same pigeon twice?

Where are you, God?
Do the whites of the Oreos feel oppressed by their black casing?
Are we inherently good or evil?
Why is chocolate poisonous for dogs?

Am I beautiful?
Is there anything more beautiful than self-destruction?
Is there anything more beautiful than self-preservation?
Is there anything more beautiful than rain on a cobweb?

Is unconditional love really true?
Will you still love me?
Why do you still love me?
Why not?

Are we made in God's image?
If we were made in God's image, was god drunk when he made alcoholics?
Did God eat Tangfastics before making those with ADHD?
Surely, God must have been high when he made the duck-billed-platypus?


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  • uninspired

    I love the last part five!! its honestly kindof funny

    9 months ago