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nightmares and long-lost slumbers

February 25, 2021



well-established knowledge fades like a summer sunset,
leaving you with just the edges of memory and the desert
of your own thoughts
stumble over the cactus, thorns tearing your skin
fall to a ground that welcomes you with arms
scraping away your sunburnt shreds of dignity
notice blood dripping from your chest and
heave in another breath
imagine scaly hands reaching through the darkness
clawed fingers wrapping around your throat, constricting
in reality air slips down your trachea unhindered
but in this wilderness fears rise up like mountains
twins peaks sculpted into jagged teeth with rivers like
tongues lolling, night opening its gaping mouth to swallow
glance down at the blood again
lift your crimson-stained fingers to your eyes and shudder
watching your own life roll down your hands
rattlesnakes slither around your ankles like shackles
fangs poised against your heel and dripping venom
earth’s toxicity bubbling up from the ground and seeping
through you toes
wake up in a cold sweat wondering who will die next
ask the king through molten tears when he’s coming back


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    This is so pretty, wow. Make sure to look out for my new song coming out tonight called 'the farm'

    10 days ago
  • rafaelsolanoishot

    hey! Great piece!!! Replying to ur comment on my pressure to feel perfect piece, I view God as someone who is loving and just like a warm spirit with open arms! But although some Christian act like they completely understand God, I have soo many questions about how he designed us. Like why are some people born with such horrible physical struggles? Why are some of us faced with anxiety that makes us overthink everything? So I do question that stuff ALOT but I would say, for sure, I believe God is peace, love, comfort, and just there when you need him.

    8 months ago
  • Harzi

    I love this!

    8 months ago
  • Syzygy (#words) (J.A.M)

    Absolutely amazing!

    8 months ago
  • sunny.v

    this piece is literal gold. it’s soooo gorgeous, like, seriously! “ wake up in a cold sweat wondering who will die next
    ask the king through molten tears when he’s coming back” for sure this is one of my favorite pieces on wtw! the imagery and word choice is simply stunning, wow. will definitely reread a hundred times over !!

    8 months ago