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Heyo! I’m Lauren, a high school sophomore who loves reading too many fantasy novel series, listening to music, and eating a probably unhealthy amount of ice cream.

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Poetry isn't one of my strong points, but I hope to improve my skills at writing it. Is there anything I can revise or improve? Please let me know!

i weave a tapestry of lies

July 3, 2020


i weave a tapestry of lies,
glimmering gaudily in all its artificial, superficial

i weave it deftly, by shade of night,
colors rippling softly, glowing bright,
i tie knots of my dreams, my fears,
and my ambitions,
sew on ribbons of false words,
sequins of half and semi truths.

but every day, my careful 
knots and stitches unravel,
frayed edges, holes widening
into unfixable chasms.

for every thread i tie,
every bit i knot,
another snaps, expires,
falls upon truth's eternal

i'm left drowned beneath 
a tangle of snarled yarn and thread,
and for all my belief of my
falsehood expertise,
i am no better off than dead. 
My third attempt at decent poetry! :3


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  • Stone of Jade

    this is great poetry!! your imagery is super vivid and your words flow well (the rhyming helps with that) the first few lines is my favorite part...really hooked me

    7 months ago
  • A Rose

    Oh this is great! So nice to see a lovely new voice on this site. A small note: consider breaking your stanzas into the same amount of lines. Your third is longer then the others. But if it's intentional, that's also cool! Pleasure to meet you

    7 months ago