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if you live in barbados and have a differing opinion, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
i have done all the research i can, but of course, living somewhere is entirely different from researching it.
i have fact-checked all of the things i've said here, but some things are my opinion, so please do not hesitate to correct me.


July 4, 2020


While rarely enforced, there are laws in Barbados banning homosexual acts. Breaking those law could result in life imprisonment. 

    Barbados's population is a small one, and many of it's LGBTQ citizens choose to stay in the closet for fear of retaliation from people around them. 

    In 2018, the Human Rights Watch urged Barbados to repeal it's anti-LGBTQ laws to protect LGBTQ Barbadians, but no efforts were made by the government to repeal them. In response to an article highlighting the lives of LGBTQ citizens in Eastern Caribbean countries, a government minister from Barbados said that it was “an attempt to transpose and to transplant a foreign culture into Barbados called same-sex marriage.”

    Same-sex unions are not recognized in Barbados, and, related to that, same-sex couples are not allowed to adopt. 

    Barbados has a 'savings clause' which makes it very difficult for laws from the former British Empire to be reviewed. Because of this, instead of challenging Barbadian laws, LGBTQ activists in Barbados have filed international suits.

    The Anglican Bishop of Barbados and the Catholic church have opposed the buggery law, despite the fact that they morally oppose homosexuality, because all people deserve the same treatment. However, there are other extremist groups in Barbados who attack LGBTQ people and activists. One such group, the New Testament Church, has declared that they are "opposed to the LGBT agenda." This church has made it clear that they are opposed to giving LGBTQ Barbadians basic human rights. 

    While it is clear that LGBTQ rights are mostly unrecognized in Barbados, there are LGBTQ activists who are pushing for a better future. Barbados has been host to several pride marches and parades, despite fear of backlash. The first pride march, in 2017, was organized and led by Alexa Hoffmann with the help of the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network.

    Alexa Hoffmann is a Barbadian trans activist who has, on multiple occasions, spoken out against anti-LGBTQ laws in Barbados. In February, 2018, in a violent example of transphobia, she was attacked by a man named Brandon Coward with a meat cleaver. Coward was convicted, but absconded the bail and was not apprehended until a full year later. 

    Alexa Hoffmann, along with two other anonymous Barbadians, a lesbian and a gay man, challenged Chapter 154, sections 9 and 12, of the Sexual Offenses Act, which dealt with buggery and indecency, in 2018. I was not able to find information of what happened in the case, but it appears that the laws are still in place. 

    Rihanna, a popular pop singer, is Barbadian, and has, many times, publicly stated her support of the LGBTQ community. 

    A poll conducted in 2016 by Caribbean Development Research Services Inc. found that Barbadians are becoming more tolerant. 67% of Barbadians described themselves as tolerant of the LGBT community, while 82% also opposed discrimination against the LGBT community. - on church that is openly against the "LGBT agenda." - on the transphobic attack against activist Alexa Hoffman and the case that ensued. - on Alexa Hoffman and the case against Chapter 154, sections 9 and 12 of the Sexual Offenses Act. - on Ronald Jones, Minister of Education, who has spoken out and said that lesbian and gay relationships should just be accepted as a part of life. - report on the LGBTQ experience in the Eastern Caribbean. - on the Barbadian government's response to HRW article about LGBTQ people in the Eastern Caribbean. - on Rihanna and LGBTQ rights in Barbados.


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