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she/her. 17, i wrote poetry
2017-2021. thank you.

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i've been (tentatively) writing some songs for a few months now. i used to write songs a lot when i was younger (fourth grade was my songwriting prime,) but i haven't done it in a few years. i'm trying to get back into it! very nervous to post this but feedback is appreciated!

//01 //02 (a drabble and an unfinished song)

July 2, 2020


- & he swallowed a star, light filling out his cheeks
the veins popping against backlit glow
the sun is such an unforgiving deity -

i scream your name into the night
the city eats it up
how can we be sure that we’re alive
i point a finger at the moon

we wake up with bloody temples
i don’t ask you if you heard me
the pillows are cold on both sides
there’s no need to flip them but i do

i know i stumble into your dreams and turn them into nightmares
and you come up haunted
spitting water onto the sheets, did it feel like drowning
and you come up haunted
and you come up haunted

i can’t promise i’m not trying to hurt you

steel scraping, flashing, folding
dog pulling at the collor
tooth hanging from the doorknob
you said that you’d quit smoking and you never do

you never do


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  • .amelia.

    this is so beautiful <3
    awesome imagery and description

    replying: I suppose they have removed all Q&As because it doesn't fall under any of their writing categories and exposes what they seem as private information...
    you could try publishing it, but they might take it down in less than 12h or so
    sorry about your Q&A :/

    over 1 year ago
  • purplepanache

    jasmine you absolute goddess! "i can’t promise i’m not trying to hurt you'', wow, i so know that this is going to stick!

    over 1 year ago
  • a rose

    "the pillows are cold on both sides
    there’s no need to flip them but i do"
    Wow. Your poetry is so *specific* I wasn't sure it'd transfer into songwriting but gosh darn it, it does! Keep it up the good work! You really have something

    over 1 year ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    if you finished this and like performed it i'd-
    i love the language you use at the beginning; it's absolutely exquisite, like we're being fed tiny little pieces at a time. the final two lines really ties it all together nicely! wow, if i heard a song like this i'd be blessed, my crops are flourishing, my skin is clear.... but wow actually, i find it hard to handle song lyrics delicately, but you did it so breathtakingly here that i-
    **i'm not sure about what your intentions with this song are but if you're particularly worried about the flow of the lines, then perhaps reading it with a metronome playing would help?**
    this was so good. if you're planning on publishing any more wip songs here, i'd totally be interested :)

    over 1 year ago