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Cite Your Sources

July 2, 2020

PROMPT: Ancestors Speak

By: Hannah Flores
Watch my YouTube film: https://youtu.be/FSNw0aiDxhE

Professor announces the return of our final papers
Professor hands me back my work
I flip back to the comments 
All professor writes is
Excellent work, not enough sources referenced

Professor says 
Cite your sources

I have trouble with this one
How do you cite a history that directly affects you?
That is you?
How do you cite yourself on a paper?

Professor says look at articles
Professor says watch videos
Professor says research

I have trouble with that
Because what if I am the educational video that is unfolding right now?
How do I cite what has already happened in my life and what will probably happen tomorrow?
Will there be a tomorrow?
Based on all of the things that have happened on too many yesterdays?

How do I cite a conversation with my grandmother?
How do I cite the fields of fruit trees that grow in her first homeland?
How do I cite the aromas coming from her kitchen when dinner is almost ready?
How do I cite our bond?
Our joy?
Our pain?

Professor says to find primary and secondary sources
Professor says do some digging

I search
But I have trouble with this
Because how do you cite cities burnt to the ground
How do you cite piles of ashes?
How do you cite marked and unmarked graves in the soil?

Professor says do some digging

I dig so many holes that the ground begins to look like Swiss cheese
That I begin to look like I am chewed through
I empty myself
Onto this paper
Wrapped up in leaves I picked from fruit trees in humid countries
How do you cite blood on a final paper?
How do you cite tears on a final paper?
How do you cite joy on a final paper?

How do you cite information about what has been passed down by tongue?
But not written in a book
On the internet
On someone else's lips

How do you cite something that no one wants you to find?
The skeletons hanging in Canada’s closet
In America’s closet
How can a picture of me in someone else's article paint 1000 more words than the ones I am already saying?

Professor says do some digging

I take some soil from my garden and place it on Professor's desk the next day
I tell Professor that this is a primary source
Examine it for bones, blood, tears and joy
I tell Professor that this is academic honesty

I tell professor that the secondary sources penned by people looking from the outside in
Are already included in my paper
News articles, statistics 
None of them are news to me

I make this argument to Professor
I ask Professor these questions
For answers
I ask Professor 
How do I cite
My sources?

Professor doesn't change my mark
Professor's eyes walk up and down my cries in silent blank stares
Professor says class dismissed
Please enjoy this piece and watch the film: https://youtu.be/FSNw0aiDxhE It encompasses a multitude of issues in one that unifies the past, present and hope for the future!


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  • erin!

    this is amazing and is is powerful. i will be sure to watch the film, because this resonated deeply with me. if i have the opportunity, i will be sure to cite this.

    11 months ago