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July 9, 2020


  • i scrunch my nose when i laugh. my friends say it makes me look like a cute mouse, which no, i am not cute, but it makes me feel softly warm when they tease me for it.
  • i hate it when people are unhappy, and usually try to pull them out of their slump using jokes and sarcasm. it can often be interpreted as being insensitive, but hey, i promise i'm trying to cheer you up!
  • i really dislike it when people talk with their mouth full. it grates on my nerves like a saw sawing rusty metal. it's gross. please do not do that.
  • once i get closer to somebody, they realise that i am a very cocky and affectionate person, to the point of it seeming as if i am flirting. if i like somebody they will be called everything under the moon from honey to darling to cupcake. unfortunately this seemed to have rubbed off onto my friend and she now calls me an australian surfer boy. 
  • when i get stressed or nervous, i tap my pencil against any surface where it will make a noise. i do it without thinking, and it's always a surprise when someone points it out.
  • i find hair that comes down to curl about the necks of boys cute. it's always been adorable, will always be adorable.
  • i tend to spin my words so that they reflect me more when i try to empathise with people, and i've always found it strange how it comes so unconsciously until i saw this article which explained that people with attention disorders seem to do that quite often. then it all clicked.
  • i can talk for two people at one time. if you're quiet, not a problem, i can carry the conversation over wildly different subjects for hours, and most of the time will not mind when i don't get a response. most of these conversations will be at 2 am at night when i text my friend about random stuff. usually she ignores my sleep deprived waffling and just replies with 'go to bed'
  • the idea that there is so much left undiscovered in the universe is absolutely thrilling, and i often spend hours thinking about all that could be up there.
  • i have always been a troublemaker as a young kid as much as i tried not to be. some examples of this: climbing onto the roof and just sitting there with a juice box for while ignoring my chores, throwing a tissue box on my sister and i have been told that i used to poke her in the eye when we were toddlers.
  • i love to meet new people, and i'm probably too kind to them. i let myself be pushed around as i hate making people sad.
  • i can be downright mean sometimes, and it's not a nice thing, but when in the heat of a moment i can be really cruel with my words. 
  • i hate apologising if i'm the one at fault. it makes me feel as if i have lost some unspoken contest about who is wrong and who is right. on the other hand, when i'm not the one at fault, i apologise too much for being right, and hurting the other person's dignity.
  • asmr is torturous and i loathe the tingles.
  • i love baffling people, it's highly amusing, and harmless.
  • when i'm excited my cheeks flush, and when i'm happy my nose flushes. i blush very easily, and whenever i get a sweet compliment i go red. it can be very embarrassing.
  • i've always been the type of girl who dresses very boyish, but i love seeing other girls wear summer dresses and hats. it makes them look lovely, and i'd love to wear one someday, but i've always been shy and slightly insecure about the way i look.
  • when i'm bored i tend to curl my hair around my fingers and tie it into knots
  • i can be very brash and outgoing, and my motto is just 'roll with it'. which i mostly follow.
  • all i want is a cottage in a forest by the sea and a boat, and i want to sail the oceans round beneath the stars as the moons brushes my curls
i think this i did it right? here's an unusually close picture of me <3


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  • Anne Blackwood

    This is so cool you're so cool ack. "australian surfer boy" KILLED me haha. "sleep deprived waffling" is like the best phrase ever. I never really liked ASMR so you're not alone in that. If you wanna wear a dress, do it!! I bet you'd look so cute. "If you feel like you look good, then you'll look like you feel good." I think that's a Conner Franta quote. So basically if you tell yourself you look good (which you obviously do), then everyone else will believe it! Hehe mini-rant there. Also, the cottagecore is strong with this one. Thanks for participating!!

    5 months ago
  • Anlee

    I can relate to the face turning red for all situations part XD

    5 months ago
  • mia_:)

    i agree with you on a lot of these, especially the apologizing one! thanks for sharing, vin! (can i call you that?)

    5 months ago
  • sunny.v

    awww this was such a lovely picture of you my bumbling honeybee!! you told me once that we seem to be a bit opposites in a few regards, and i honestly admire you for it. i’m more of a withdrawn (but warm) introvert who carefully chooses her words/goals/decisions, and your description of yourself makes you seem more bright and brazen and extroverted—opposites attract? :D <3

    5 months ago