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Inspired by Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation (yes, yes, I am geeky).


Versus: The Apple, the Poet, and the Scientist

July 2, 2020


I should turn you, 
apple of my eye,
into a poem instead:

Gravity – a toxic lover,
pulling down all the things
he love and does not. 
You – a chaste fruit, 
branching from the finest roots,
glide towards him
despite his bluff promises.
See, you weren’t promised
to be caught 
where you aim to dive. 
And oh, how you fell

(How was my fall?)
How was it?
Darling, such a mess it was:
how your very own descent
triggered another nascence
in the realm of physics.
How you proved that 
the Heart is, and will always be
a human’s center of mass,
the first to fall.
What a mess, I tell you.
And alack, I should have known – 
making poems for a zenith
as your worth
would be a thing never meant to outlast.

Therefore, I hereby conclude:
Scientists are better 
Poets than those who are.
  • Apple and gravity because I was really amused that Newton idealized the theory of gravity by watching a falling apple (haha).


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  • Jasmine khawar

    So beautiful!! Your idea to do this, is amazing

    5 months ago
  • Pravartika Wankhede

    welll the apple fell on his head, or so the story goes. but BEAUTIFUL POEM. And I agree- Scientists are better poets. However the only irony is that they don't know it themselves. It takes a self proclaimed poet to remind them. And even if we did, they wouldn't believe us. lmao.

    5 months ago