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I'm a logophile, Slytherin, and INTP who's passionate about entrepreneurship, the written word, and public advocacy through creative mediums, especially poetry. In my free time, I enjoy running, reading, and baking (or trying to)!

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July 2, 2020


there is beauty in impermanence    

the ebb and flow
of raindrops
condense evanescent coalesce
unfold into the night

i dreamt of monsoon marathons
Pellets punctured window panes in my periphery
 Make axle jumps and Salchovs against the window of a 2005 Honda Civic,
Against the grain
Against the hourglass

i used to bet on rain until i drank enough to form a drought
salivating for the metallic tang of floodwater

they called it "God's tears"
as if puddles were ablution for

dirt scrubbed under distal edges
cracked glass trembling under the weight of not saying nothign upholding
golden halos tainted eroded by adolescence
fade into halogen headlights

i used to watch cool beads of water metamorphose into squiggles streak down car windows
Seeing which one would splatter first in a cruel downpour derby

little did I know i too,
was finite 
seated first in a stream headed for a sewage drain
but i'm not amorphous athlete
spurred to win by childhood naivete

i don't breathe
for fear of bursting
don't scream for fear i'll slip up/away
and awake from



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