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yes, my real name is sunny LOL. i have no clue what this is but here we go!

four names to a face, one to embrace

July 4, 2020

PROMPT: Dust Jacket


“teresa” is a worn-leather book that collects dust at the bottom of the shelf. teresa is born of a cathedral and water washed over an infant’s forehead. teresa is a tether to stained glass angels and an ave maria. teresa seldom introduces herself first: she waits for an inquiry, and hides between lines of scripture.

“jade” is a timid moleskin journal clutched tightly in a fist behind my back. jade is a dulled blade, clumsy with inexperience. jade is green with envy of those that belong. jade is the american dream: reinvention and acceptance. jade rarely comes to be.

“nhu-ngoc” is a red and gold flag with ink paint strokes scrawled desperately over the canvas. nhu-ngoc is enigmatic and speaks in whispers of incense smoke. nhu-ngoc unfolds over tongues like bamboo splinters and unraveled straw hats. nhu-ngoc is my mother’s voice beckoning from the kitchen. nhu-ngoc is ashamed, but she exists regardless.

“sunny” is an expanse of tan skin covered in expo marker and glitter pens. sunny is fifteen years of molding and reshaping in syllables of english. sunny watches the golden peonies bloom by the river walk, but also plays with the fish in the tank at the dim sum restaurant. sunny walks a tightrope between two worlds with a pen tucked between her fingers and heartstrings beneath her feet. 

sunny is the facet most loved, and perhaps, for good reason: she encapsulates all that is said and unsaid. so yes, you are correct: that is my name. and it is but one of many.

-teresa is my catholic baptismal name, jade is my vietnamese name in english, nhu-ngoc is my viet name, and sunny is just my name! i tried to convey the nuances of what each name means to me and how they’re used/my experiences with each of them :]
-slight call back at the end there to “actually, my name is” because we love nostalgia xoxo


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  • happy butterfly

    replying: oh yay I finally understand! that's so cool!
    all your names are so beautiful. I only have one and it's kind of plain lol.
    also, it's a pleasure, you have such an interesting and beautiful culture <3

    8 months ago
  • happy butterfly

    replying: oh ok. but you said your name in vietnamese is Nhu-Ngoc.but then you said from vietnamese to english its jade. so which name are you saying in vietnamese is Nhu-Ngoc if it is translated to Jade? and if that question doesn't make sense.then do you get a english name and a separate vietnamese name because it's where your family is originally from? does that even make sense? I'm sorry if those questions were confusing. It's just very interesting and I would like to understand:)

    8 months ago
  • happy butterfly

    wow this is just breattakingly beautiful!
    "teresa is born of a cathedral and water washed over an infant’s forehead. " i am in awe.
    "“sunny” is an expanse of tan skin covered in expo marker and glitter pens." this is so sweet and gives a touch of a youthful playfulness.
    i love this piece so much.there is something about it thats just breathtakingly beautiful that i can't put my finger on.
    also a question: i don't understand how your name "sunny" came to be.If you had other names why were you given another one?
    also do you get a different name when you are baptised? i'm curious...

    8 months ago
  • inanutshell

    this really reminds me of your 'actually, my name is' piece (as i see you included in the footnotes!) for all the right reasons - love how you delicately lay out the meaning & personal history behind each of your names. also 'sunny walks a tightrope between two worlds with a pen tucked between her fingers and heartstrings beneath her feet' that really made me smile, perfectly described :))))))

    8 months ago
  • jun lei

    i cannot put into words how much i love this; the history and essence of your names portrayed on the page. they're gorgeous, and so are you.

    8 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    *bursts into room* I'M LATE-
    whoa, i've never heard of a catholic baptismal name before, and huehue yess callback to 'actually, my name is". loved seeing all of your names, and how they all combined to form your identity. it was an absolutely lovely way to get to know you better because wow, it's like you've taken parts of yourself and arranged them beautifully in text. love this, will definitely reread :) <3333

    8 months ago
  • Deleted User

    that's awesome! I love how you have more than just one name! 'nhu-ngoc' is such a unique name, it looks very pretty, i've never heard it before. love love love this <3

    8 months ago