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To lose a dog(read the footnotes)

July 1, 2020


Heads up: this is a tale of two dogs. Who had no one but eachother... And a beautiful family who loved them.

Leo's pov:
I was sitting alone wondering abouth the little brown dog when another one came in. She was white, with a different colour in each eye. Blue and brown. I saw from her fierceness that she was older than me and that i was gonna have a hard time trying to fit in. But i always had this group of humans who were kind to me. I was scared at first but i got used to the love. They kept saying why dont i love them. I wish they knew that i do.
Jazz's pov:
I was brought from one house to another. I was taken up the stairs to a huge room, there was another tiny dog over there. He was really pretty, with grey eyes and the best fur and all. I saw that i had competition but who could compete me? I was ready for all the fun i was gonna have with these good people and this shy dog.
Weeks after coming to the new house. The family and dogs get along well now and everything is perfect.
Leo's pov:
I don't miss the brown dog anymore. This white one is hyper but she's fun. We eat this fabric from the clothes line together. But it gets taken away sooner or later and the family talks in a loud voice. Talking about the family, they are the best people in the world only if they let us eat there feet or jump on them. Im dying to lick them. They get scared when we jump very much but they still play with us alot. Andddd they gave me the best present, a piece of this yummy sweet thing which was the colour of the brown dog's fur(chocolate cake). Now i want to eat nothing but that but they don't bring it anymore.
Jazz's pov:
Uhhhh this dog eats all of the yummy sweet that the family brings us. He seemed shy but he's very clever. I put up a good fight now amd then. But the family stops us. Life seems so perfect. If only i had that sweet.
Leo's pov:
They brought more of the sweet. But somehow it makes me feel. Odd. By morning im choking on this sweet i loved so much. The white dog is going mad around me. It hurts so bad. I wish someone would help me. I start calling for the family, i know they'll come help me. The family comes soon, and they take me to these rooms of white. Many sharp things are stung into me, but they don't make me feel any better. I jump into the yellow girl's lap and i sit there. It's good. I feel like life is draining out of me. Time passes and I don't feel pain anymore, i feel like im flying. I come up here in a beautiful land. Everything's happy and good, but i dont see the family or the white dog anywhere. I kind of miss them but im happy here, no more pain.(he goes to heaven)
Jazz's pov:
The day goes on. Im lazing around. The white dog is nowhere to be seen. No one from tthe family came to see me. Im sad and lonely but im sure everyone will be here by evening when we got out to play. No one has come yet, i was given food but all the family is sad. It's evening and i go out with the dad Ofcourse but the white dog is still not here. The youngest girl of the family came to see me many times but she was always crying. It's night, i miss the other dog now, i have no one to fight with. Everyone around me is crying, i wish the dog would come so i'd eat some clothes with him. Im sure there is some of that sweet left that we could eat. The dog won't come, i think he will never come. I think he left.
my dog leo died today. He was one from the pair of white. My dad used to call them jazzileo but now it's only jazz. She's so lonely all alone, so am i. I actually thought like I finally found a friend but i've lost him now. He was the prettiest dog i've seen and i loved him soo much. At this point i think i'd trade anything to get him back. For jazz if not for me. The worst thing is that he died on the day my mother was born. I wish i'd get him back somehow.


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  • sunny.v

    i’m so sorry to hear about leo! he seemed like such a gorgeous dog, and jazzileo seemed so sweet as a pair of puppies. i’m sure Leo would love this dedication piece <3

    5 months ago
  • Currently Unavailable

    Replying: Thank you so much; it means a lot that you like my series. :)

    5 months ago