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tired & uninspired / so forgive me / for the shitty poetry

an apology in four acts

July 6, 2020



love knocks thrice, 
offers me a plate; a quick bite to eat.
hope shoves her foot in my door,
begs my cynicism to take a backseat.

freedom grants me my lifelong wish,
hand in hand together in this reverie.
certainty tries to settle down here
even brought a suitcase of memories.

doubt eases its way in,
leaves footprints all over the carpet.
anxiety sounds the alarm so
it's time I lock the doors and forget.

guilt takes your place,
as my new enemy while i pay my dues.
fear holds my tongue so these words
never make their way to you. 
intentionally kept short


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  • Dmoral

    i'm in love with this, it's beautiful, truly. i think my favorite section was ii., but your ending had me shook. goodness, this was amazing.
    one thing though: you had an uppercase "I" in iii. that I think is a typo, considering everything else is lowercase?

    5 months ago
  • naomi ling

    you've done it again...?? the simplicity of this piece is what really caught my eye. (i took a bit of a hiatus on WTW for a second so i didn't see this before) but the rhyme scheme YESS i love

    5 months ago
  • sophiethesinger

    beautiful! So creative and well thought out!

    5 months ago
  • Harzi

    Hi! Thank you sooo much for writing a review of my falling apple piece. It really made my day (i just recently checked my notifs and saw the review so this thank you is quite late, sorry) Lovelots! :D

    5 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    i love how... short this is? i mean, not in thAt way but like the succinctness you wrote this in really adds to its charm. i love the use of personification too, it's like you're just a blank canvas for these intruding feelings to dance on until you close the door again. i love the chronological thing you've got going too. the way you went from love to guilt and all the in betweens, it's a simply gorgeous journey that you've written for us. this piece might personify 'less is more' and it's so breathtaking. simply adore this in its simplicity, wanna add this to a heartbreak playlist, <333

    5 months ago