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July 25, 2020

PROMPT: Mad Libs

A is a 16 year old girl, who lives in Moryavale. Known for being horrendously dumb in social situations, and hard to keep up with her conversations, although she can be really clever when under pressure, and an adrenaline junkie, something which probably stems from the fact that she has done all sorts of sports since she was a young child, She wants nothing more than to sail the days away on her sailboat ‘Porosha’, and go skating on the ice in winter, and she also wants to be able to find her a group of close family and friends, and having someone who she can always trust through anything that may come up. She pretends to be tough and unbreakable, and overall a bubbly bright girl, when in fact, inside, she really is a real warm, kind girl, although she feels like she's fed up and close to snapping.

A’s biggest fear is losing contact with her family, who although may be a little on the rough side, genuinely care for her. What A needs is someone to understand her, and know when to leave well alone; someone who can take her in stride and gives back in comfort; the biggest thing getting in the way is the way she can come off as cocky and slightly uncaring of how others might feel, and the way she can act unnecessarily mean at times, even though she feels bad later on.
-here you go :) this is for the series we're doing, so go say hi to chrysanthemum&ink , mia_:) , sunnyv , outoftheblue and elliemccul. i have a poking stick and i am not wary of using it, okiy?. go.
-also if that wasn't enough, here's a thing: personality: outgoing and cocky; can be extroverted and loud when comfortable, yet insecure and quiet as well. Shy at first, but opens up quick. I think the kind of person that seems very easy to approach, although it can be hard to keep up with the conversation, as it can change track in a moment. Is not bad under pressure, but likes to work calmly. Loves the water, and nature, and all she wants is to relax at the beach. has got lots of baggage, but humor is a way to cope. treasures relationships; once your friend, always one. 'roll with it' vibe
-hope it helped, and if not i have just wasted like a quarterhour of time. so it better be useful. thank you.
-also i'm still HIberNating. i promise. i'll be back real soon. no worries. prepare me a feast please. i want roast. a duck. thanks.



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  • chrysanthemums&ink

    lmaooo i just love how detailed this is! and how aisha in and of herself seems to be somewhat of a contradiction? i think her character's a little hard to pin down, which makes her a bit hard to write. i do love her though! i love the little details you've put in, like ice skating and 'Porosha'. it really gives a unique vibe to these mad libs! you've really piqued my interest with her, i look forward to what you'll do with her in the future!

    11 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    a is lovelyyy
    also so cool- girl like archery, and overall- bad assery? no choice but to stannn

    11 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Replying: Thanks bud

    11 months ago