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is the world brighter with pink hair (random, unedited, idk what this is, its midnight)

June 30, 2020


four poster bed/ pink shelves/ stones and shells and fairy stories
relics of a child/ who hid behind the garden shed
and sits now/ on the window sill/ curtains drawn
chipped black nail polish/ chipped brown eyes/ a tight smile (sunken now; only comes out in company)

her hair is limp/ and brown
she longs for pink/ hairspray hidden in a bottom draw/ with eyeliner and sparkly boots
sometimes she doesn't know
if she wants to stand out/ or blend in;
she is only comfortable with friends/ hugs the walls as she walks/ hood up
yet the mirror longs for/ colour/ difference/ change/ something to make her smile
but the dye is always temporary/ washed out by the rain 
the mirror is never satisfied/ her smiles always fade.


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  • A Rose

    How have I never heard of you before????? This is a top knotch poem

    5 months ago