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je parle francais mais c'est tres mal lol
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PLUS im an emotional wreak 24/7!
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"all lives matter"

June 30, 2020


you saw the protests and the riots
the torture and the fear

you heard the screaming at your doorstep
that you don't want to be near

you said "go back to your country!"
when this land isn't yours

you said that "all lives matter"
then why are you watching without remorse
Saying "all lives matter" as a response to "black lives matter" is like walking into a surgeon's er and saying all surgeries matter. Like going to a breast cancer awareness parade and saying all cancers matter. Like going to a funeral and saying all deaths matter. It's like being in kindergarten and telling your friend that has a favorite colored crayon that all crayons matter. It's telling people that you don't care about their lives. That you would rather sit back and watch them fall because it doesn't affect you. That you would rather let an entire people be subjected to the continuance of fear and persecution rather than let them be free, let them live without fear, and let them dream of things other than coming home safe and sound. It's being childish mature and petty just because they are different than you. People of color are not the problem. Your point of view and structural and societal racism is.


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  • June 30, 2020 - 3:20pm (Now Viewing)

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  • queenie

    also how do you only have 56 followers? you deserve so many more!

    about 2 months ago
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    about 2 months ago
  • sci-Fi


    about 2 months ago
  • ~Zoe N~

    Thanks for this

    about 2 months ago
  • Sanjana Sunilkumar

    *snap* Maybe I should write a poem on #ALM too!

    about 2 months ago
  • rainandsonder

    this is so important and matters so much, i wish more people could understand this.

    5 months ago
  • fatpanda

    the footnotes !!

    5 months ago
  • poetri

    darling, you earned yourself a follow with this one <3

    5 months ago
  • elliem

    Exactly. Thank you so much for talking about this.

    5 months ago
  • naomi ling

    YESS this. thank you for using your platform!

    5 months ago
  • sunny.v

    mwah. i adore you for this, dear. thank you for speaking out.

    5 months ago