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thank you for all the title suggestions everyone! a lot of you guys mentioned butterflies in your recommendations so i came up with this :)

broken butterflies bleed black

June 30, 2020


i dream of metaphors spilling from my unrefined maw
and as the stars welcome the illustrious dark 
encroaching doubts are ushered in, their plus one
the endless drought of frustration i’ve kept at bay all day
that has left me withered and thirsty
a bottomless well of empty
resevoirs of tears dried up
until i can taste the exsiccation on my bloody chapped lips
and all I know is I think I know that 

maybemaybemaybe m a y b e MAYBE M A Y B E

I am not who I think I know I think I am
that as much as my brain is structured 
an empty vessel for inky words that once sloshed about
longing for raw lightning surging through bated breath
maybe the mind is is not enough to triumph over matter
that the blood in my veins and the cells of my tissues
that the very fibers of my being, rebellious monoliths of fate
are enough to uproot what so firmly is 
tearing the seams of all I know I think I know

i can’t, I won’t, I shan’t can’t won’t can’tcan’tcan’t

And I think I know I think I can’t go on like this
chasing what they do until the wrinkled butterfly wings
becomes my haggard prison of ribs & scales
envy oozing out my pores, barely reaching my eyes
the pus puddling at my soles
shrouding the soul in the closet as I try
every imaginable axe to get rid of this
because all I know I think I know
is that yesterday I was intact
not split open with my own desperate claws
graphite lips talking to my blood and brain
as the pus muddles with the blood around me
and stomach acid erases all that was on my bones
and gnaws acrid new words into the stars


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  • batman_is_a_cracker

    The also-artists community challenge has begun! I hope you have fun :)

    12 months ago