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A Family in Mesolithic Europe

June 30, 2020

PROMPT: Mad Libs

Silla is a 14-year-old nomadic hunter-gatherer who lives in Doggerland, an area of land that once connected Britain to mainland Europe but has been submerged under the North Sea. Known for being clever and resourceful, she wants nothing more than to gain recognition as the best hunter in her tribe. She pretends to be stealthy, when in fact, inside, she really feels reckless. Silla’s biggest fear is starvation. What Silla needs is to take down an enormous auroch that can feed her family for days; the biggest thing getting in the way are the frequent natural disasters such as flooding, which are making food scarce and difficult to obtain.

Aiga is a 30-year-old wisewoman from Silla’s tribe who lives in a hut that is slightly bigger than all the other huts because she is venerated as the oldest person in the tribe. Known for being mysterious and wise, she wants nothing more than to pass on her knowledge of medicinal plants to the children. She pretends to be stoic, when in fact, inside, she really feels nervous. Aiga’s biggest fear is a disease sweeping into her village and claiming lives faster than she can heal people. What Aiga needs is a vision in a dream from the ancestors that will guide the tribe to a plentiful source of food; the biggest thing getting in the way is that Aiga has been unable to sleep at night and dream as she is anxious about what the future of the children will be like when she is gone. 

Chamuk is a 13-year-old flintknapper who lives in a tiny hut he shares with his sister Silla. Known for being fierce and determined even after injuring his leg and having a permanent limp, he wants nothing more than to craft an obsidian-tipped spear and get revenge on the sabre-toothed tiger that attacked him. He pretends to be satisfied with making weapons, when in fact, inside, he really feels disappointed that he can’t be a warrior. Chamuk’s biggest fear is failing to protect his loved ones if they are attacked by a more powerful tribe. What Chamuk needs is a block of chert to make some new arrowheads and feel prepared against the threat of invasion; the biggest thing getting in the way is that the tribe currently doesn’t have anything it can trade with other tribes for chert.      


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