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I know it may sound pessimistic and negative, but I tried to make it from the heart.

Thank You Loneliness

June 30, 2020


Dear Loneliness
Thank you loneliness, for teaching more lessons than my parents ever could. We’re all stranded in our own worlds, the size of islands. The gaps between them can be shortened and the boundaries can be touched, but never do they clash. Never do they collide in our self-centered and fearful orbit.
I was always lonely and still am. When I was little, I would look out the windows during the spring and see the cherry-blossoms. They were gorgeous and pink. Envy would knot in my stomach, making me cry. The petals had each other when they fell and were hurt, but I didn’t have that. Never would. I knew a bit too much from an early age.
My house would be so silent; I would turn on the television just to hear something.
 I would always scribble two people together because I never wanted my first stick figure to be all alone. I never wanted a stick-figure to feel what I felt constantly.  
Now I still hate how lonely I am, but have grown comfortable with it, accepted it as a second skin.
I used to and still do, scorn classmates who needed a chaperone just to walk down the hall.
I thought I was a special case, that normal kids, never felt this way. But I was wrong.
Everyone did.
Humans are so lonely because we can never completely know one another, despite how much we try to analyze their mind. There are dark patches we’re either too afraid or ashamed to expose to even our closest.
 Though it sounds terribly bleak, most facts of life are like that, but aren’t as awful as they seem.
We get accustomed to it, like aging, endings, change, failure, jobs, disappointments, and beginnings.
Loneliness taught me that there were some unavoidable things we might hate, but there’s nothing that can be done about it.
Cry it’ll better your mood, but won’t dissolve the ache in your chest.
Not every mistake really matters, since you’re going to all alone in the long run anyways.
We can also be replaced. Your loved ones may grieve for you, but they can still live without you.
No one is going to give you the encouragement you need. Heck, 90% percent of the people I’m surrounded with are extremely negative. That’s why you have to just suck up the negativity like a sponge and squeeze it into positivity. Trust me on this. Be your own light because no one will ever care enough for you to do this.
Loneliness taught me that you’re bound to get hurt in life, but that’s all the reason we have to seek happiness for ourselves.
You have to fend for yourself, even if there are people to help and advise you, your struggles are yours to face.
Loneliness taught me strength.
So thank you Loneliness.
You’re not as miserable as others may perceive you to be.
The best teachers give lessons too hard to swallow at times.
Sincerely Your Eternal Companion.


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