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~ will you stay by my side, will you promise me? if i let go of your hand, you'll fly away and break ~

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If you've come this far, thanks for reading. I'm very grateful that you've stumbled upon my writing, and whether that was intentional or an accident, I hope you enjoy.

And apologies for the potential (and certain) randomness.

am i but a stranger to you?

June 30, 2020


keep walking down the lane,
yes, keep on walking,
past my house,
not every turning your head,
even if you know
i live here. 
just keep on walking
with no hesitance in your stride,
or a twitch in your gaze.
just staring forward,
right on going,
past me,
past my house,
past your forgotten friend.


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  • Samina

    This hurts me. Maybe cuz of my past experiences. All your pieces remind me of a phase in my life. I can always relate to it.
    Btw. Are you there on some other site.? Like just to casually talk yo you?!. You're one of my favorite people on this site :D

    16 days ago