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Sometimes it's hard being a Muslim, ya know?

June 29, 2020


I spit.
The songs, the stories,
the oh- so perfect images
of holding hands and stolen kisses
The grate upon the cage of my soul
to create an unbearable noise
nails screeching across chalkboard, 
all because of rosy girls and boys
who choose potential heartbreak and ruin
over the safety of solitude.
But that safety is cold,
that safety is bitter and 
I understand why that warmth is so tantalizing,
so tempting, the drip of a sweet honey caress
when all you know is a flighty wish.
I chose my piety, I choose my religion,
I choose being logical because 
I know
my emotions run high and hormones 
bring the blush to my cheeks.
But oh,
those held hands and stolen kisses
look to be so warm, even though
before wedding vows they are vice.
I sigh.
I will wait.
One day.
Please please know I am not judging anyone for whatever relationships they may have, all you sweet little lovebirds do what you wish, this is just sharing my personal struggle between the strict piety I love and adhere to and the romanticized culture I live in- the pressure to fall in love in high school and not be a prude hits ya sometimes, ya know? In the end, it is my choice to love Allah the way I do, and I choose to remain out of romance until I'm ready for marriage because of that. Luv and support all of you babes. <3


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  • Ahsan Nizaam

    Welcome to the club!!! Sorry you are already in right:)

    5 months ago
  • EliathRose

    Wow! The way this whole piece fits together — I love it.

    5 months ago