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i love to write.

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just say whatever comes to mind.

wild + tame

April 9, 2015





red cups + pounding dubstep + acting like you don't care when

you do




drives home + the police officer lets you off easy + laughing bc the call was so 


too close

but life is good

it's good

you keep telling yourself that




staring out the window + watching the strobelights + the invitation

but you turn away + your own music pounds in your ear


from their communal rhythm. it jars your back, your neck

but you set your jaw + turn your melodies up

to block out their lives + hearts + try to focus on your own




your pen smears ink but your cheeks are flushed + you've never felt this alive before

nobody knows this feeling, you think, only you + nobody else

you're the one who dares to dream, right?

you're wild.




the lights blink in again + you hold the check in your hands

+ laugh at all the foolish ones 

"i could buy all the beer off them + pay for their plane tickets home"

+ you hug it to yourself, 

the piece of paper,

who proves that you truly belong to the land of the Wild +

not them. not at all.




years later

maybe 3

maybe 4

maybe 10

and you come back to relive memories + notice the faces that aren't there

+ the people you always saw illuminated in bright lights


embarrassed? angry? 

talk to one person who lost the nerd glasses, got contacts +

made millions

talk to the other who just won the pulitzer +

won fame

see the college parties on campus

+ pulitzer says "stupidity, pure stupidity there,"

+ million says, "they'll be sorry someday,"

+ you sit there, watching them all laugh

with their red cups and beer

and look back at yourselves

with thin glasses and champagne

and in your mind

the check dissolves, rippling, a droplet of water pushed it, and you wish






inspire wild.




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