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Girls #proud

June 30, 2020


I actually just (like this morning) found this song. Girls by Rita Ora ft. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX.

I don't have a single clue why but this morning out of nowhere (before I found this song) I started thinking about my sexuality. I'm still really confused (but that's not the point).

 I have the strangest feeling that it wasn't a coincidence that this song played this morning. Like somehow, there was something that knew I needed to hear that song and made it happen. It played when I was laying in bed trying to picture myself being in a relationship with a girl. I did picture myself with a girl (it was nice).

I know myself well enough to know that I probably would have stopped thinking about my sexuality if that song didn't play. I would have pushed it away until it just popped into my head again. This song it the one that made me keep thinking.


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  • Lone Wolf

    don't worry, determining your pronouns takes time! don't rush it! you're beautiful <3

    6 days ago
  • sunny.v

    take your time with labels, babe. it might take a bit to figure everything out, but don’t rush yourself! wishing you all the best <3

    6 days ago
  • ava09

    firstly that song is SUCH a bop i'm glad you found it. secondly, i know how you feel. it can be pretty confusing (i know i'm still at the point where i haven't put a label on myself yet like i'm open to being with any kind of person but it's still hard to figure out what exactly i mean by that you know? i'm probably explaining myself awfully lol sorry anyway) and you'll get to where you need to be and discover who you are eventually. sending love <3 and don't forget that thinking isn't a bad thing just don't overthink it. whoever you are or label yourself as is beautiful.

    7 days ago