writing streak week 14 days 1-3

July 3, 2020

day 1: city of stars from la la land

city of stars / break open my ribcage, say if / my heart beats to the thrum of tyres on your streets / say if my eyes hollow the embrace of a wraith / say if a dream has been caught in a plastic bottle already / was it thrown away? / in the ocean? / place your palms on asphalt, feel how the music rattles / how jazz silhouettes itself against the trees / how a smokescreen lets loose / the way the ocean surges its grief / how a winged deity makes the earth shake, the way its / lava eyes break ground but warm the hearth / how the wind dances with the rivulets of the leaves / how i want to reach up there to high-five liminality

day 2: ever since new york by harry styles

tell me something / do beaded questions clasp their hands in front of you and ask for mercy? / do the fires burn the grass still? / how do your feet scald when you step on them? / do words cut you so / like how poison taps its feet on my throat / the way witchcraft appears sentient / how a cavity pools on my stomach / brooklyn saw me, empty at the news / i feel it slipping-- in the way / seaweed holds firm / the way birds scream at a gentle touch / the way sanity is shaped / and if iron grills were so impermeable, why do they raise their dusty claws / at the city / which wants to get lost in itself / quite like water scared of drowning / fear is of consummate skill / and aloneness is / personified 

day 3: rebel girl by bikini kill

that girl thinks / that modernity is failure / that pedestals are pleas reinstated / that the constitution was written back to front / queen of the neighbourhood, she / strips candy from its wrapper and throws it in the bin / screams punk at the bigots / holds her head up so high, even as / the wind catches a black shawl, throws it / at her face / rebel girl, she is / the queen of my world / she eats butterflies for breakfast and spits them out for lunch / she
the third paragraph is not incomplete but this piece is; my brain's fried. if you want to know what other songs i was going to do, they are 'never-ending summer' by wes reeve and 'boys' by andrew muccitelli. i have bad and basic taste in music, remind me in the comments uwu


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  • fatpanda

    your comments just made my entire week, thank you <3

    5 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    ah, I feel like Chrys said it all really, but I love your take on this prompt! The three different songs you've chosen really evoke vastly different moods.
    (Also, hmm wonder where you heard rebel girl *cough sex education cough*. Maeve is an icon)

    5 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    "i have bad and basic taste in music, remind me in the comments uwu" :/ exact opposite problem so call me names when i tell you ik none of these songs. *dodges rotten fruit* I'M SORRY I'LL GIVE THEM A LISTEN.
    okey okey after a brief intermission i'm back. listened to the songs while reading (though it is kinda confusing for me to listen to english songs while reading/writing)
    1) oK this song is fricking gorgeous and with your piece it's like hanging off an open window on a skyscraper and drinking champagne and spilling it onto the streets below wow. such a gorgeous ambiance i want to be apart of whoa. might hold onto the song too.
    2) i love the way you write these tidbits, the way you start it off the same way the song starts off and using the same sentence structure as a lot of the lyrics in the song. it creates this really inimitable (once hamilton introduced that word to me, i'm never letting go) mood. like wow. lonely city vibes? did i get that right?
    3) OK listening to the song and reading it at the same time was a fricking out of body experience wHAT. tone change???? nailed????? blew me away absolutely speechless because wHAT JUST HAPPENED MY LIFE WHAT MY SKIN IS CLEAR MY CROPS ARE WATERED-
    TL;DR you embody the song just so fricking brilliantly in these sections like warm booze and then cold swimming pools with scorching pavement borders and then rebel girl i can't- you're too fricking good. <333333

    5 months ago