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Just an ordinary guy who has no idea what is going around and confused as hell but trying to face everything head on with a brave face

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Happiness is a choice and Strength comes from pain. What I am saying is 'If you choose to be happy in the face of pain, Strength is what follows'

A silly school crush #prettycontest

July 1, 2020


I’m sitting on my messy bed,
Wearing a week old sarong.
It smells.
It doesn’t matter.
Nothing matters anymore.
Not after you.
Not after us.
My life has lost its colour.
It’s an art thrust into water,
Until no colour remained.
I really don’t know.
How I’m still living?
Or worse,
How I’m going to face another tomorrow?
Without you.
To you, I’ll just be a past.
To get it over with.
To forget,
Or to laugh at how silly you were.
A school crush,
That’s all I’ll be.
I’ll ever be.
One day,
After we’ve grown up.
To the mould they’v built for us.
I’ll see you and maybe think.
‘A wild flower,
Yet tamed by fear,
Crushed by responsibility,’
Maybe you’ll see me,
Maybe you’ll think.
‘There goes my school crush’
The rest I wouldn’t know,
Or now It’s just too painful.
May be you’ll never recognize me.
This thinking,
Isn’t doing any good.
I’m losing all the strokes,
Even the dark ones.
The bold ones.
The canvas,
It’s changing, evolving.
It’s gaining a fierce red,
A dull grey.

I can only watch
Doing nothing
But Fearing.


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  • Chloe :) <3

    Wow! This piece says so much in so very little words! Thank you for entering my contest!!

    5 months ago