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I love reading and writing (obviously)
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"have I killed my thoughts right before their prime?
have I bit my tongue one too many times?
have I said it all the way I really meant to?"
~ben platt

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trying new things?
hope you like it :)

death is impermanent. so where does that leave you? {this year is a threshold. and it is your decision.}

June 30, 2020


you looked death in the eyes and knew. 
death could die. death would die.
death could be replaced. 
death would be replaced.

because death had to be replaced.

and you were the one to choose. you were brought there for a reason. you were given the choice of a lifetime. and it was all up to you to decide: would these next few centuries be ones of happiness and prosperity? or would the next few millennia bring famine and war and disease to humankind?

who would take on the mantle of death next?

you were told that death could govern with peace for a few centuries. or with hate and malice for millennia. 

2020 was a threshold. the fate of the world was in your hands. it was up to you to decide what to do with it.

but who could replace death?

this choice was given, but you already knew what you had to do. you could never entrust the fate of the world in the hands of any other human. 

you would have to take on the mantle of death. you had to take her scythe. you had to reap the dead.

so now it was up to you. you now dictated the lives of every single soul in existence. would you be a sparing reaper? or would you wreak havoc on all humans to ensure your long life?

not a single past scythe-bearer had ever thought so ill of the world to go so far as to sacrifice the lives and comfort of thousands in order not to lay down their own life. all of the harvesters of the past had chosen paths of compassion.

were you like them? would you give millennia of your life for the lives of the bruised and the broken that lived on the planet?

would you rule with human emotion in mind? you were entrusting yourself with the duty of retrieving all lost souls. 

would you flood the gates to hell for millennia? or have a steady trickle of visitors for a couple hundred years?

you are death. you have so much power in your hands. why waste it?

why not rule with an iron fist. you could be a strict enforcer of the dead. 

you will show no pity.

from 2020 onward, for millennia, you have sentenced all humans to suffer at your hands.

and you will do it with a psychotic smile on your face. 

because you are here so everyone else will suffer. you've made the decision to end lives of millions.

you will be feared. 

because you will be the hooded devil of the dead.


this is what you truly wanted. 

let's start with a good old-fashioned global pandemic, shall we?
this piece was,,, i guess about how ~crazy~ 2020 has been so far. (a reason? i honestly don't really know lol)
idk, this is very different from all of the pieces i've done so far, but honestly, i had a lot of fun with it... 

also, the title is ~really~ long, but i'm,,, really liking it


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  • Ella R. Baker

    I wish I could give more than one like! :D Great work!

    6 days ago
  • Daisy + Sage

    Replying: Well, good job - you definitely achieved your goal! And yes, please publish them!! I'll keep an eye out for new pieces - if you do decide to publish them, I'll be sure to read them :)

    6 days ago
  • Daisy + Sage

    Wow - I loved this too! Like Eblinn said, it’s just so original... thinking of death as being controllable and describing it as being physically wielded by someone/thing... that’s just amazing creativity. I feel like it really personified the idea of darkness and death. I also really enjoyed the formatting! It seemed that it was perfectly set out to make it as easy to read as possible. And the title’s great!! Love this :))

    6 days ago
  • Eblinn

    Wow, I loved every single word in this piece. It's so original and dark.
    Awesome :)

    7 days ago