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I loved writing this, the moment I saw the challenge I was like, I'mma do this, so here it is

The daughter of music #Childofyournation

June 27, 2020


The daughter of music's
Hair flows
like the strings of a heart
when plucked

The daughter of music's
Voice sings
like the melody of a flute
When blown through

The daughter of music's
Feet move
with the grace of a pianists
light touch

The daughter of music's
Heart beats
Like the bass drum
when hit

The daughter of music
Will never walk out of beat
Will never sing out of tune
Will never live out of pitch

The daughter of musics 
life moves on
Like the sound of the bow
resting on the string
Just a little something for sunny.v's child of your nation challenge. Came out from the top of my head, and I wrote it down...


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  • Doodleninja

    as a music lover, I really enjoyed this. Nice formatting of starting each stanza with the same line!

    replying: yeah, as long as Harry's the only one who talks! Be forewarned, I'm not super familiar with the Harry Potter universe, but I'm sure I'll be able to enjoy it nevertheless :)

    5 months ago
  • mason wong

    Replying yes

    5 months ago
  • And_The_Stars_Laughed

    Replying: Thanks for sharing the whole scene, it was so fun to read!!! (it's been a while since I last read the books) And I agree -- McGonagall is amazing. :)

    5 months ago
  • sunny.v

    aaah thank you so so much for doing this challenge! it was lovely and oh so musical—really showed me ur world. so grateful to you!! <3

    5 months ago