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Why We Need Pride #Proud

June 27, 2020


Pride. This word has been seen as the good, the bad, and the ugly for so long. Now it's time to take back our pride. People in the LGBT+ community have been hurt or even killed for it, so many people have died for it; it's time we started living for it. I have only once experienced first hand homophobia, it was from someone I thought was my friend. Lets call the person Jane. Jane was a friend of ours, my sister wanted to show her some fan-art that she did of a Harry Potter ship, because they were both hard-core Potter-heads. The fan-art was of a gay ship, my sister showed it to Jane, and she said; 'we don't approve of that sort of thing'. It was barely anything, just a rejection of one drawing, but it was because the drawing featured an LGBT+ couple, and to me that felt like a stab in the heart. To make matters worse, Jane thought we were still friends, we had already agreed to watch The Half Blood Prince with her. We were true to our word, but it was torture; sitting though a movie that lasted 2 hours and 34 minutes, and not being able to mention how much Drarry was implied. It was a small incident but it stuck in my mind, this is why we need pride; because there is so much extra pain in day to day life for LGBT+ people, even for those who have never experienced violence against them, we have to hang around people who treat our very existence as a crime. This is why we need pride. I am lucky enough to have been brought up in an excepting family, and in an excepting country where gay marriage is legal, though it has only been that way for a while. But not everyone is so lucky, still, we hear you, we see you, you matter. This is why we need pride.   


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