You may be wondering what makes me different from you or the person in the corner? Well not a lot really, I write on here, on Wattpad, and singing is my life. I'm striving to one day perform on Broadway... hopefully. I honestly just love feedback!

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Hey everyone! I would really appreciate some constructive criticism. I struggle a lot with grammar. I would love to gain feedback about how I could improve this... thanks! From a girl you don't know!


August 11, 2016

I narrow my eyes upon my target, Anthony stands firm, his legs in a straddle position. I wet my lips, placing my hand on the holster. 

"It's almost high noon," he announces.

I nod simply in reply. The air's tension is thick as our eyes narrow with every breath. I can see his concentration. Our hand's rest on the handles, the slick silver waiting with anticipation. 

"Draw!" He shouts. 

Simultaneously the silver flashes quickly in the light. Click. My knees buckle, I screech, I clench my chest as Anthony just smirks with triumph. I lost. 

"Boys, lunch is ready!"


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