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Paint Ma a Picture

April 9, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt


Paint me a picture,
In every color,
Let your mind flow on.
Until every inch of that canvas,
Is gone.
Paint me a picture,
A remarkable beauty,
Something only you can do.
So strong and so unique,
It becomes a reflection of time.
Paint me a picture,
Paint it in red,
One painful streak cross the canvas.
Caving into what once was,
To forgive.
Paint me a picture,
Show your inside,
The grief, the hurt, and the agony.
All the things you want to hide,
Let it come alive.
Paint me a picture,
A picture of a rose,
With its soft, clean petals.
With its sharp, jagged edges,
In everything beautiful.
Paint me a picture,
Start it from scratch,
Rework your past.
Relive the beauty in your life,
From the very first stroke.
Paint me a picture.



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